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When 'Sanditon'’s second season (hopefully!) comes around, we can’t wait to see our favorite characters again. Here are our favorite 'Sanditon' characters.

Our favorite ‘Sanditon’ characters: Why we need more of each one

In love with Jane Austen? Boy, do I have some good news for you. The new PBS series Sanditon is based on Jane Austen’s late, unfinished novel. Filled with all of the wonderous spunk and drama that Austen’s work provides, Sanditon is incredibly addicting. 

For those of us who are already hooked, we can’t wait to see more. The characters, in particular, are vibrant and enchanting. We can’t get enough of them. 

Unfortunately, PBS says there is no budget for a second season right now, but that doesn’t mean it won’t have a chance in the future. All we can do is pray for the second season to come! Who knows, Sanditon may rise up again – just like the persistent Lady Denham who acutely proclaims, “Like a phoenix, I have risen from the ashes!”  

When Sanditon’s second season (hopefully!) comes around, we can’t wait to see our favorite characters again. There’s so much to love about them. Here are some of the characters who fuel our insatiable craving for more Sanditon.  

Charlotte Heywood

Yes, we see a lot of Charlotte on Sanditon already because she’s the heroine of the series. That doesn’t mean, however, that we can’t anxiously await the moment we can see her again. Charlotte, played by the talented Rose Williams, is kind, progressive, and opinionated – she’s the epitome of a Jane Austen heroine. 

A beloved guest in the Parker household, Charlotte comes to the seaside fishing town called Sanditon, ready to lend a helping hand to anyone who needs it. In addition to her big heart, Charlotte is unbound by the rigid societal expectations of her time. Despite being young and a bit naive, Charlotte is a very loveable protagonist, and we can’t get enough of her.

Sidney Parker

Sidney, portrayed by Downton Abbey actor Theo James, is a tall glass of water filled with mystery and disdain. Though he’s not the friendliest character, he has a soft side and we get to see it come forth when he’s with his older brother Tom, his ward Miss Lambe and eventually, of course, Charlotte. 

Though he’s quite different from the rest of the Parker family, Sidney reluctantly returns to Sanditon from his travels abroad. Sidney’s story is riddled with success, shame, and pride. He’s not everyone’s favorite but we certainly want to see more of him. 

Miss Georgiana Lambe

Miss Lambe is easily one of the most likeable characters in Sanditon. Miss Lame has a quiet nature but she has an independent drive. Miss Lambe is Jane Austen’s first ever black character to appear in her novels. A wealthy heiress of the West Indies, Miss Lambe lives by her own principles and will not stand to be told otherwise. 

Though she’s not exactly happy about being in Sanditon, she forms an instant friendship with Charlotte, a kindred spirit. Harboring a juicy secret, Miss Lambe brings a key drama that helps make Sanditon so compelling. 

Lady Denham

You simply can’t have one of these 18th-century dramas that don’t feature a sharp, traditional old woman – Aunt March from Little Women for example. In Sanditon Lady Denham is that woman – she’s brash, prudent, and hilarious. She’s a hard-willed and protective woman who will never give up, despite her age. 

Her many marriages endowed Lady Denham with plenty of money which gives her a platform of power. This means that she gets to say whatever she wants whenever she wants. Even in the middle of a wedding ceremony she can’t help but pride herself on loaning the bride a tiara. 

Esther Denham

Esther Denham is Lady Denham’s beautiful niece, though she lives a life separate from Lady Denham’s wealth. Often butting heads with Lady Denham, Esther is independent and will always make her own decisions – no one can tell her who to marry.

Though Esther initially comes off as stand-offish and cold, she’s one of the most complex characters on the show. Her honesty shows that there is great depth to her – implying that she’s not as callous as everyone might think. We hope that she will get to learn more about her character if the series progresses.

Edward Denham

The charming Edward Denham is Esther Denham’s step-brother and Lady Denham’s nephew. Though he’s vicious and untrustworthy, Edward’s always-hidden motives make him a consistently captivating character in Sanditon

Edward clearly has his eyes on Lady Denham’s money and is unafraid to plot creative (though unsavory) ways to achieve his goals. He’s someone who never lets emotion cloud his judgement. Edward adds an essential flavor to Sanditon that fans always look forward to

Clara Brereton

Brought to Sanditon for marriage prospects by her aunt Lady Denham, Clara has a sweet, passive persona that aims to charm Lady Denham. Coming from a poorer background, Clara will do what she must in order to appease Lady Denham and secure her financial future. 

Clara is a bit of an outsider, but she is a fast learner. She finds a way to appear soft and accommodating – everything that is expected of a woman during this time period. Though it’s hard to see Clara’s exact personality, we want to know more about her and how her story ends.

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