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Good heavens, what kind of summer is headed our way this year? Check out the details from the comedy of errors Redneck Rave here.

Redneck Rave: Uncover the comedy in this unusual event gone wrong

Good heavens, what kind of summer is headed our way this year? As COVID-19 restrictions continue to lift across various parts of the world, people are coming together in droves to rage for the first time since 2019. Music festival dates have dropped for the rest of the summer & upcoming fall, but folks have been coming together already. Some events are showing people aren’t well practiced for partying.

News of the latest rager gone wrong comes from the mysterious land of the American South, where a massive gathering left many bruised, bloody, and bound in handcuffs. The stories coming from the Redneck Rave in central Kentucky paint the full spectrum from tragedy to comedy, but overall the event sounds like a big muddy mess. Check out the details from the comedy of errors below.

Wildest & craziest

Daily Mail reported today that a huge music festival dubbed Redneck Rave came to pass last week at Blue Holler Offroad Park in Mammoth Cave, Kentucky. The annual event called itself “America’s wildest and craziest country party” in promos for the five-day debacle, and the fest lived up to its reputation this year.

Reports say tens of thousands of music fans attended the festival, and organizers say they sold 20,000 tickets to the event before the Redneck Rave kicked off. Photos of the event show massive shanty towns of RVs, pickup trucks, and mud-covered jeeps in a visual representation of what you’d come up with thinking of America’s wildest & craziest country party. 

Stereogum reported today that the event was organized by country rapper Justin Time (get it?) who donned out more than just music to the festival goers. The event boasted a football game, goldfish racing, and even a full-fledged demolition derby. One person died at the Redneck Rave last year, but this year’s injuries read more comedy than tragedy.


Daily Mail reported today that there were some injuries which resulted from this year’s Redneck Rave. These injuries are serious, but we can’t help but chuckle in the sheer craziness of the events which led some folks to the hospital – they seem straight out of a horror comedy movie.

One man ended up leaving the fest with a log impaled in his abdomen after it shot through the floor of his RV. The injured man was airlifted to a hospital with the log still in his gut.

Reports say another man had his throat slashed by none other than his own friend during a drunken fight. Furthermore, a woman was said to be strangled over an altercation over a simple blanket. The altercation ended in an arrest, and the arrest was one of many.


After ambulances were called to the Redneck Rave, local law enforcement was brought in, and the real comedy began.

By the time the fest ended, forty-eight people were facing charges, ranging from drug trafficking to felony assault. Thirty charges involved drugs & alcohol, two warrants were served on fugitives, and sixty-three traffic related offenses were reported.

Of all the charges, fourteen people were arrested while the rest received citations. The people arrested hailed from the festival’s state of Kentucky, along with others from Missouri, Tennessee, Indiana, and Michigan.

Event organizer Justin Time, AKA Justin Stowers said the event was the “coolest thing [he’d] ever seen in [his] life”. In fact, Stowers is ready for the next Redneck Rave coming to fans in October. In a Facebook post, Stowers said “we can definitely improve on a lot of things to make the one in October run a lot better… we are listening to all your suggestions”. 

After next week, we only have three months to go until we can rave country-style once again.

Would you attend the next Redneck Rave in October? Sound off in the comments below!

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