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Electric Daisy Carnival (EDC) is set to bring all the glitter and glam to the lavish Las Vegas in 2022. Here are the best rave outfits ever.

Good heavens, what kind of summer is headed our way this year? Check out the details from the comedy of errors Redneck Rave here.

Music festivals are finally returning in 2021, and it finally seems like the world is coming back to life. Check out all the great music events here.

Getting a press pass as a blogger is relatively simple, but there are a number tricks you need to know about before approaching a film festival press team.

No guidelines matter unless your screenplay is good enough. Give your screenplay the best shot by following our handy guide to festival circuit success.

Bolton Film Festival is located in the UK and has been voted a “Top 100 reviewed” festival out of over 7,000 film festivals worldwide.

Film contests are organized by different players in the filmmaking industry. Here are some benefits filmmakers can get once they enter film contests.

We hear you, it’s only June – but winter is coming sooner than you think! The Winter Film Awards 2020 edition is now open for submissions.

Heavy Hitting HorrorFest’s workshop with Canadian writer-director Jason Bourque happens on June 8: a pitch-to-screen workshop over a 3-hour lunch.