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Attukal Pongala: Witnessing the Grand Women’s Festival in Trivandrum

Prepare to immerse yourself in the brilliantly woven narrative of tradition and dedication as we unveil the unique and grand celebration of the Attukal Pongala Festival in Kerala. This cultural spectacle, primarily for women, is a must-see experience during your visit to Thiruvananthapuram. Opt for a car rental in Trivandrum to discover and fully embrace this amazing festival!

Attukal Pongala Festival: A Cultural Spectacle

The Attukal Pongala Festival in Kerala is a mammoth event with cultural significance, earning a place in the Guinness World Records as the largest gathering of women for any religious activity. Hosted by the Attukal Bhagavathy Temple in Thiruvananthapuram, this 10-day festival begins on the Bharani day of Malayalam Month Makaram-Kumbham (February-March) and concludes with the Kuruthitharpanam sacrificial offering.

The ninth day, known as the Attukal Pongala Mahotsavam, witnesses thousands of women cooking pongal for Goddess Sinnettiyatta, or Attukalamma. This spectacular event signifies devotion and tradition, and with the convenience of taxi services in Trivandrum, you can ensure you don’t miss out on this remarkable cultural experience.

Steps in the Celebration of Attukal Pongala

Attukal Pongala is one of the most significant celebrations in Kerala, and it involves several steps:

  1. Pongala Preparation:

The festival revolves around the sacred tradition of making “Pongala,” a sweet payasam consisting of rice, jaggery, plantains, and coconut, cooked in golden earthen pots. Devotees gather with ingredients and earthen pots, starting the cooking process in the morning, creating kilometres of queues.

  1. Diverse Participation:

Despite being a Hindu festival, people of various religions generously offer their spaces to devotees for the ritual. Ponkala payasam is revered as the goddess’s favourite offering.

  1. Blessings and Prasadams:

After Ponkala, about 250 priests bless devotees by sprinkling holy water on them and their offerings. Women return home with prasadams, filled with heartfelt happiness.

  1. Grand Procession:

The festival features a spectacular procession of the Attukalama idol to the Manacaud Sastha Temple, accompanied by cultural displays, caparisoned elephants, and devotional music. The event concludes with ‘Kuruthi Tharpanam’ at night.

  1. Spirit of Unity:

Attended by lakhs of women from Kerala and beyond, the festival’s unique spirit of unity extends several kilometres from the temple premises. This annual celebration attracts a growing number of devotees, including celebrities, seeking blessings for their families’ well-being.

Convenient Access

For those eager to witness this cultural extravaganza, explore the festival’s highlights, and participate in the joyous atmosphere, consider the convenience of taxi services in Trivandrum, ensuring a seamless and memorable experience.

Summing Up

In the rich tapestry of festivals, Attukal Pongala unfolds with an intriguing history rooted in the 2nd century A.D. Legend has it that Attukalamma, the incarnation of ‘Kannaki’ from ‘Silappathikaram,’ rested at Attukal temple during her journey. The temple’s origins, marked by a divine encounter and sacred marks in a grove, evolved into a haven of wealth and peace.

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