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Fans of the YouTuber Ranboo are gracing Twitter with cats' adorable faces today and we are not complaining. Go “awwww” and dive into these cats' faces. 

Faces of cuteness: Why is Twitter showering this creator with cats?

Fans of the American YouTuber and Twitch streamer Ranboo are gracing Twitter with cats’ adorable faces today and we are not complaining. The barrage of cats’ faces came down after Ranboo tweeted that he would not be posting anytime soon due to health concerns. 

Ranboo is most known for his gaming content, specifically his Minecraft videos. He’s recently hit 3 million followers but unfortunately the star is currently battling his anxiety. According to his tweet today, Ranboo has recently been having several panic attacks which is why he is taking a break from making videos, though he did mention that he’d retain his streaming schedule. 

Of course, Ranboo’s fans immediately spammed Twitter with cats’ faces in order to showcase their support of the YouTuber as well as wish him a speedy recovery. We purred through the threads to find the cutest cats whose adorable faces are being plastered onto Twitter for Ranboo. Go “awwww” with us as we dive into these adorable cats’ faces for Ranboo. 

Love you 

The ones with the heart tail are just *chef’s kiss* 

Take your time 

What big eyes they have! 

Good vibes 

*Slams like button* 

Little hat 

Look at that hat! Too cute! 


Give that cat all the pets, please. 

Take this 

Cuteness X4?! Are you trying to kill us?! 


They’re all ready to face the world! You go! 

Petting time

Now this is some tasty content! 

Plague doctor 

Not a cat, but just as cute

This is Stevie 

*waves hello back* Hi there! 

Have any other cats’ adorable faces to show Ranboo? Drop them below in the comments to keep the cuteness going! 

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