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Would you like to see Prince Andrew facing Virginia Roberts in court? Learn the latest details regarding the Duke of York, and see a little of his fate.

Will Prince Andrew face Virginia Roberts Giuffre in court?

It’s becoming increasingly clear to the public that Prince Andrew & Jeffrey Epstein not only knew each other, but also were good friends. We’re not going to pretend we know every little detail about our friends but it’s certainly not uncommon to know their secrets, even their dirtiest little secrets. None of us are pointing fingers here, but we can’t help but ponder what Prince Andrew really knew.

It’s possible the prince was completely ignorant of Epstein’s crimes, but chances are, he wasn’t. Epstein was closely associated with some of the world’s most powerful people. The public is looking into what feels like an exclusive club and all the club members know the secrets of their club, right? Epstein isn’t around anymore but everyone involved in his crimes will still have to pay the price. 

Will Prince Andrew face Virginia Roberts Giuffre in court? If the prince loses this civil case, he could face a U.S. criminal investigation. The Duke of York may be forced to pay millions in damage if a jury rules in his accuser’s favor. Prince Andrew’s reputation is “in tatters” right now, but why?


Everyone is perfectly capable of telling a lie. But when allegations rise, it’s time for conversations to start. 

If Prince Andrew really knew about Jeffrey Epstein’s crimes, why would he stay so quiet about it yet claim to be against them, when he’s just as if not more powerful than Epstein? Maybe, he really didn’t see anything wrong with it, so much so to the point where he participated. 

As the under-fire Duke of York remains in hiding, Virginia Roberts has accused him of sexually assaulting her when she was merely seventeen years old. Virginia Roberts is currently seeking damages in a civil case which was brought through by a New York court. 

Documents were emailed to the Duke of York’s U.S. lawyer, Andrew Brettler, in Los Angeles just yesterday. Consequently, Prince Andrew’s team has been given seven days by the High Court to challenge the decision to begin notifying Andrew about the U.S. civil case against him. 

David Boises, Virginia Roberts’ lawyer, confirmed to The Sun yesterday that his firm had now served Prince Andrew’s U.S. attorney, Brettler, by FedEx & email. U.S. Judge Lewis Kaplan ruled last week that sending out court papers to the prince’s lawyer would be acceptable 一 meaning the royal does not have to be physically served. 

Prince Andrew has twenty-one days dating from last Friday to respond to the lawsuit. Boies told The Sun, “We would not try to serve him when he’s visiting his granddaughter”.

Facing Virginia Roberts

The Duke of York has denied Virginia Roberts’ allegations. Nick Goldstone, the head of dispute resolution at international law firm Ince said that Virginia Roberts’ claim is being brought under New York Child Victims Act (CVA). There isn’t a legal basis for the court’s findings to be upheld in England. 

Goldstone added, “in a criminal context, he could be subject to being summoned by the criminal authorities. In the civil context, he cannot be subpoenaed or extradited, but in a criminal context he might be. I say might be because, of course, he is a member of the royal family and the British establishment might close ranks”/

We can’t say for sure that Prince Andrew will be facing Virginia Roberts in court but, “if criminal proceedings are pursued then he might be subject to an extradition warrant or request from the U.S. prosecution authorities,” said Goldstone. 

But as for Prince Andrew’s public life, the outcome of the civil case will matter very little if at all. The prince’s reputation has been severely damaged. 

Would you like to see Prince Andrew facing Virginia Roberts in court? Tell us what you think!

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