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'Power' is known for its intense sex scenes. But does 'Power' really have the hottest scenes on T.V.? Here's everything you need to know about the show.

Vicious nightlife: Does ‘Power’ have the hottest sex scenes on TV?

Saying Power has the best sex scenes might be risky, you know, series like Euphoria exist. However, Power does have great hot scenes that should be recognized. 

The 2014 show by Courtney A. Kemp, tells the story of James “Ghost” St. Patrick (Omari Hardwick), a wealthy owner of a New York elite nightclub. Yet, he dreams big and maintains a double life as a kingpin. 

Power was produced from 2014 to 2020 and has a total of six seasons, each one with more sex scenes than the one before. The show can be currently streamed on STARZ. Power has a total of twenty-six nominations & fourteen wins, including BET Awards, People’s Choice Awards, and Black Reel Awards for T.V. There’s no doubt that Power is an outstanding show, but aren’t there too many sex scenes?

Are sex scenes an issue?

Diverse sex scenes in series & movies are a must to have an inclusive & diverse representation of the spectrum of sexuality. However, in 2022, things are different from the 2010s. Each time audiences get more critical of social problems. Also, feminism & queer movements get each time stronger, giving creators more political requirements & cancellations.

Even current woke series like Euphoria by Sam Levinson that include diverse bodies & gender identities in their cast, have been critically judged on their sex scenes. Everyone appreciates a good steamy scene, but it seems that each time audiences have more tools to point out details that could be harmful, like hypersexualization.

Nevertheless, this is a great thing to happen and will hopefully bring more accurate representations of sexual intercourse in the future. But, what about Power scenes? Well, the series is known for its sexual content. All principal cast had to sign a nudity clause in their contracts, which means they would not object if they had to perform a nude at some point of the series. 

This could be hardly criticized because it somehow conditions their cast consent. According to Sydney Sweeney who plays Cassie on Euphoria, the director was always open to canceling scenes the actors didn’t feel comfortable with. Also, there are several comments criticizing Powers creator on the number of sex scenes and their frequency. 

It looks like we’re evolving as a society to the point where sex scenes are no longer easy entertainment. An IMDb comment on Power said, “Storyline fine, but it’s useless to have sex scenes every five min. People have sex, but don’t ruin the show with overrated sex scenes”. Finishing the comment with “kinda exposes you as a writer”. 

Now, having all this said, let’s rewind Power‘s hottest sex scenes. If you haven’t watched the show and you aren’t a spoiler fan, maybe you should stop reading here and come back once you’ve finished the show. 

Season four, episode two

According to Power fans, this season is particularly steamier than the other ones before. By this moment the main character James “Ghost” St. Patrick is locked behind bars, but someone had to keep the sex scenes going right? Now, it’s time for Tommy (Joseph Sikora) & LaKeisha (La La Anthony) to get some. 

These two longtime friends are now moving to become more than friends right at the kitchen counter. Is there something hotter than ruining a friendship whose sexual tension is uncontrollable? This highlight on the personal story of the characters definitely makes the scene hotter & richer in the narrative. 

Yet, after the romp in the kitchen counter, the two friends are discussing a code for referring to Tommy’s penis. What they experienced was definitely unforgettable. 

Season six, episode three

In this episode, councilman Tate (Larenz Tate) who’s a two-faced weasel completely focused on his political career puts professionalism aside with his staffer. Cassandra (Candace Maxwell) is treated by Tate with the same vigor & dedication he did during his run for office. Is this what people refer to as good teamwork? 

Do you like Power? What do you think of its sex scenes? Tell us in the comments below!

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