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‘Euphoria’: The most intense R-rated sex scenes you need to watch

Euphoria is claimed to have the hottest sex scenes, or at least plenty of them, making the most of the show’s R-rating. Director Sam Levinson has even been questioned about the number of sex scenes and nudity in the series. Because, even though none of the cast is under eighteen in real life, the story is about high school teenagers. There’s a thin line between representing & oversexualizing.  

However, the cast has positively spoken out about Levinson’s direction. Sydney Sweeney, who plays Cassie and has an abundance of sex scenes, said that she never felt pushed by Levinson. Also, in moments where the actress didn’t want to film naked, Levinson retired the scene immediately. So we can be comfortable while watching the intense sex scenes, knowing everything was consensual. 

The series has outstanding production, cast, and sex scenes, that actually open important conversations because not everything is about hot steamy scenes. Through the sex scenes, the series shows a diversity of fantasies, gender, and bodies. The explicit scenes also convey violence, slut shaming, and sex work. That’s why we’ve selected the most intense sex scenes of the show. 

Jules & Cal 

It’s barely episode one and we’ve already been introduced to Jules’s (Hunter Schafer) complex (sex) life. Jules is a gorgeous trans woman with amazing style but she’s constantly involved with older gay men through dating apps. Sexting can be thrilling but also dangerous. You never really know who hides on the other side of the screen, in this case, Cal (Eric Dane), Nate’s (Jacob Elordi) dad. 

They both meet at a motel and have violent sex. Even though Jules is described as a slut by her friends and sex seems to be a part of her life she’s comfortable with, everything in this scene just seems forceful and disturbing.  

Kat as a Dominatrix 

At the beginning of the series, Kat (Barbie Ferreira) used to be a shy virgin but soon becomes willing to explore her sexual power. One day after having sex for the first time, she discovers that it was recorded and uploaded. Fortunately, she took something positive out of that. After looking at all the favorable comments about her body, she decides to start a unique business. 

Black lingerie and a mask are Kat’s job uniform as she becomes a camming dominatrix. We constantly watch her sexy dancing and having virtual encounters with men, who buy her entire amazon wishlists and pay her in crypto. However, her very first virtual encounter in episode three can be confusing, where she’s paid to shame a man over his micropenis while he masturbates.   

Carousel masturbation 

Nowadays, everyone is talking about masturbation and sex toys freely. However, publicly masturbating on a carousel in a local carnival on MDMA, might be something out of social acceptance. Exactly this happens to Cassie in episode four, where she takes molly with Maddy (Alexa Demie) after a fight with her boyfriend Mckey (Algee Smith). 

The carnival games seem fun until they get too fun. Cassie is accompanied to the carousel with Daniel (Keean Johnson) who looks like a nice guy at the beginning but ends up being a jerk after slut-shaming Cassie. 

A nun praising pleasure 

This is the story of a wild nun, and we’re not talking about a Pedro Almodovar film, but Kat’s Halloween costume party. This is Ethan’s (Austin Abrams) precious moment when he finally gets to be with Kat, by giving her oral sex in her bathroom, while everyone is partying downstairs

The sexual tension was built between these two characters since episode one of Euphoria. However, as Kat starts getting more experienced, she distances herself from him. Kat also vanishes from Ethan when she sees him talking to another girl at the carnival. After all, a noble naive heart and desire for romance are hidden under that dominatrix persona.  

Danger makes things hotter 

After two years of waiting, Euphoria season two came back with the hottest sex scenes. It all starts at the New Years’ party. It’s the end of a year, a time of letting things go and it looks like Nate is no longer into Maddy, but things are getting interesting with her best friend, Cassie.   

Nate found Cassie drunk outside of a grocery store and offers to give her a ride to the New Year’s party. The car speeds full throttle and so does the sexual tension between these two. The next thing we see is Cassie taking her underwear off. But not everything ends in the car, Cassie & Nate take it to the party’s bathroom, till Maddy knocks at the door.

These are only a few intense sex scenes from Euphoria, which are your favorites? Tell us what you think in the comments below!    

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