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Get a hold of Riptide and dive into these hilarious reactions to the 'Percy Jackson' Disney+ series.

Will you be watching the ‘Percy Jackson’ series? Join the debate

Let’s see if the third time really is the charm for the residents of Camp Half-Blood. Rick Riodan is still in the process of getting the Disney+ Percy Jackson series underway, but that hasn’t stopped fans from talking about the show at length. 

From fan casting to begging for more news, the Percy Jackson series is already a trending topic on Twitter without airing a single episode. Though some snippets, such as Logan Lerman’s interest in the project and Riodan’s constant reassurances on social media, have kept fans happy so far. 

Of course, we dove right into the threads to find the best reactions and tweets about the Percy Jackson series coming to Disney+ soon. Get a hold of Riptide and dive into these hilarious reactions to the Percy Jackson Disney+ series. 

Can’t wait 

Neither can we, but there’s still no release date! 

Push the agenda 

You’re definitely onto something here . . . .


*Laughs uncontrollably* 

No more disappointments 

This is definitely an improvement! 

More fan casts 

Now that idea seems like it would be fun! 

Here’s why 

Very nice presentation, we’re thoroughly convinced.

Dang it! 

We hate it when that happens too! 


Whoa, take it easy dude, Uncle Rick is working on it! 

Connect the dots 

Cue the red string  . . . . 

New adaptation, please 

Like we said, Uncle Rick is on it. Your art is insane, though! 

Have any other great reactions to the Percy Jackson Disney+ series? Drop them below in the comments before the Minotour gets us!

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