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Many are now giving the OnlyFans app the side eye, especially the content creators. Pull up an incognito window and dive into these alternative XXX apps. 

Goodbye OnlyFans: Which app can you find your favorite XXX creators on now?

With the makers of the OnlyFans app now rescinding their decision to ban NSFW content today, many are now giving the OnlyFans app the side eye, especially the content creators who made that kind of content. But the question still remains: what happens now that the ban is over? 

Well, some of those creators may end up jumping ship anyway due to possible future threats to their continued content creation on the OnlyFans app. And considering how many apps allow for adult content, these creators will have their pick in places that are more accessible and public than you’d think. 

Of course, we discreetly searched the internet for the best adult content apps (*cough* iFans *cough*) that your favorite XXX creators may use instead of the OnlyFans app. Pull up an incognito window and dive into these alternative XXX content apps. 


MiKandi (pronounced “my candy” for obvious reasons) is a specialty adult content app that will give you hours of entertainment. With HD videos, comics, live cams and games, this app has all any adult content lover could ask for. 

While it was originally an Android only app, MiKandi can be downloaded to other touch devices. This caused a bit of a controversy back in 2011 after a cease and desist order was issued from Apple due to its use of the phrase “app store”. After a quick word switch, though, MiKandi continues to go strong in its quest to give users the NSFW content they crave. 

MiKandi is free to download with hundreds of cams already ready for your viewing pleasure. But what if you want easier access to your NSFW content without having to download additional apps? Well, the answer is a bit more obvious than you think. 


Ah, good old Reddit, home of the best NSFW memes. Reddit is an easy place to find all the best adult content with thousands of threads being added to every day that cover a number of bases. 

Most of the content is in video or GIF format so you do have your pick of how you consume your adult content. Just be careful as some unruly stuff does make its way in there from time to time (cough cough The Fappening cough cough). 

The official Reddit app is good for casual viewers, but if you need an extra boost there are subscription options that will help maximize your experience. But if you want to keep up with all of the bigger names in adult content, you may already have the perfect set of apps to view all your favorite stars. 

Mainstream social media 

Surprisingly, most mainstream social media apps, such as Snapchat and Instagram, have more adult content than ever before. This actually makes a lot of sense as big adult content stars like Mia Khalifa already have these apps to promote themselves, so making separate accounts seems like a no brainer. 

While Snapchat and Instagram have the most adult only profiles, Twitter has a few NSFW threads as well. They aren’t the easiest to find, but once you do you’ll get constant updates and, since these are mainstream apps, there’s no fear of crashing or viruses. And, of course, these apps are all free. 

While OnlyFans may keep some of its main creators, don’t be surprised if a few of your favorites migrate to these or other adult content apps. Either way, keep your incognito windows up and running, because these stars aren’t going offline anytime soon. 

Have any other adult content apps that creators may use instead of the OnlyFans app? Drop them below in the comments before we get caught!

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