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Mia Khalifa and her husband have called it quits, folks. Strip down the story and find out if the star has any plans to return to the XXX world.

Is Mia Khalifa retiring from her XXX lifestyle? See what’s in store after divorce

Mia Khalifa can’t seem to stay out of the headlines. The former pornstar hasn’t been able to shed her characterization by the media following her short career in the adult biz. However, the celeb’s work in the adult entertainment industry skyrocketed her to stardom. Mia Khalifa continues to get recognized around the globe, and people are interested in what’s going on in her life. 

Speaking of Mia’s life, the star had a major event go down in late July. On July twentieth, headlines lit up across the board with news of a massive change in the star’s world of romance. The star took to Instagram to tell her followers she was moving on to the next chapter of her life. Khalifa split with her husband, leaving the world wondering what was next for the celeb.

For the gram

On July 21st, The Sun reported Mia Khalifa and boo Robert Sandberg had called off their wedding

Well, not exactly. Reports say the two had already been legally married when the news broke, but were planning to celebrate the union with a reception, rings, the whole nine yards. However, the two never managed to party with friends & family when they decided to cancel the event and break things off for good.

The viral buzz about Mia Khalifa all stemmed from an Instagram post (isn’t that how it always starts?). She took to Insta on July 20th giving her fans an image of a lengthy text post detailing her split with Swedish-American chef Sandberg. Sandberg shared the same image on his Instagram page the same day. However, to the dismay of toxic trolls everywhere, the split seemed to be as amicable as one can be.

Long overdue

The image of text reads “We can confidently say we gave it our all in making our marriage work but after almost a year of therapy and efforts we are walking away knowing we have a friend in each other, and that we truly tried”.

The post goes on to say, “We will always love and respect each other because we know that not one isolated incident caused our split, but rather, a culmination of unresolvable, fundamental differences that no one can blame the other for”. 

Finally, the post says “We are closing this chapter with no regrets and both starting our own, separately, but connected through incredible family, friends, and love for our dogs. This has been long overdue, but we’re glad we took our time and gave it our all, and can walk away saying we tried our absolute hardest”. 

Now since Mia Khalifa appears to be single, horndogs of the world are drooling, wondering if the star will return to the XXX world. However, if you know anything about Mia Khalifa’s brief time in the XXX industry, you know the fans of Khalifa’s former adult work shouldn’t get their hopes up.

Miss understood

Mia Khalifa may be forever tied to her time in the XXX world, but real ones know she wasn’t in porn for very long.

In Playboy’s feature on Mia Khalifa (among other reports) readers came to know the former porn star was only in the XXX industry for less than a year, performing in professional porn for three months and webcam modeling for less than a year afterward.

Khalifa’s viral popularity stems from the taboo nature of her breakout scenes in which she wore a hijab, causing both outrage & obsession from fans & critics alike. However, Khalifa has been doing other stuff since then. In fact, it has been six years since Mia dipped her toe in the XXX world, and we don’t think just because she’s single she’ll be returning anytime soon.

For now, we wish both Mia & Robert the best in the next chapter of their lives.

What’s next for Mia Khalifa? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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