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Need a laugh at OnlyFans frantically backtracking that controversial porn ban? Laugh with the rest of Twitter with these great memes.

OnlyFans has been saved: Celebrate with these NSFW memes

Welp, OnlyFans has reversed its decision to ban NSFW content from its platform. While creators are probably deciding whether or not to stay with the map, the rest of the internet is reacting in the only way they truly understand: memes. So let’s take a laugh with some very NSFW memes over OnlyFans reversing its decision to ban the main moneymaker for the platform.


Hit that rewind button

Is someone wishing that they could erase memories? 


They’re not wrong




Oh Brennan Lee Mulligan, you have the best reactions.


Poetry for the ages

People are being hilarious.



And they oop


*head slap*

Maybe stop letting yourselves be bullied by banks.


No trust now

We’re just side-eyeing them forever now. 


This bread is worthless now

The bread will go stale!


Gummies on the weekend be like



Dump that apps butt!

You deserve better, babies.

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