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Many are now giving the OnlyFans app the side eye, especially the content creators. Pull up an incognito window and dive into these alternative XXX apps. 

Snapchat and HBO Max are collaborating? That's amazing for us users of the social media app! It may not offer HBO Max movies, but that's fine by us.

Sometimes, it doesn't matter what your net worth is: the right accusation will sink you. Find out how James Charles is dealing with grooming allegations!

Your mom changed your diaper, and now she needs help understanding the wi-fi. Celebrate your mom's accomplishments and quirks with these memes.

Could banning Donald Trump from Twitter and other social media impact America’s freedom of speech laws? Let’s find out.

Snapchat has unveiled a new in-app feature called Spotlight – and the newly short-form video section looks quite a bit like TikTok. Will you use it?

It’s a pop culture saga for the ages: the Taylor Swift vs. Kanye West feud. Here’s a timeline of every major event in the Swift/West feud so far.

The social media app Snapchat is looking to break into the streaming game. What shows can you watch on the up and coming streaming service?

Snapchat has released a diversity report about their current employees, and if you were looking for a job at Snapchat, you want to look at this.