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Your Snapchat story is all about you and your life. You're not just sharing with friends, but with the world. Instagram is no different, but there's more to

Snapchat is increasingly vulnerable to malicious attacks. Here's how you can keep your profile safe!

Illinois courts are going after Snapchat for violating the privacy of its users. Here's how you can find out if you're eligible for compensation!

Are you an Illinois resident who used Snapchat within the past 5 years? Siri & Glimstad are filing claims for violation of Illinois Biometric Privacy Laws.

Snapchat is moving in on the streaming game with the original series 'Action Royale'. Learn what some of the filmmakers behind the project have to say.

Many are now giving the OnlyFans app the side eye, especially the content creators. Pull up an incognito window and dive into these alternative XXX apps. 

Snapchat and HBO Max are collaborating? That's amazing for us users of the social media app! It may not offer HBO Max movies, but that's fine by us.

Sometimes, it doesn't matter what your net worth is: the right accusation will sink you. Find out how James Charles is dealing with grooming allegations!

Your mom changed your diaper, and now she needs help understanding the wi-fi. Celebrate your mom's accomplishments and quirks with these memes.