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Your mom changed your diaper, and now she needs help understanding the wi-fi. Celebrate your mom's accomplishments and quirks with these memes.

Your mom is a hero: Honor her with these glorious memes

Moms: the most selfless & caring beings on the planet and yet sometimes the most infuriating. You can’t really get mad at them considering all the sacrifices they made so you could exist, so here are some memes that you can share with her instead. 


The older your mom gets, the less she understands. And that includes memes. 


Maybe you faked being sick one too many times or maybe she just really wanted you out of the house for eight hours during the school year, but all our moms questioned a doctor at some point in our childhood. 


The look

Ah, yes “the look.” The universal signal of moms everywhere indicating to their children that “the only thing keeping me from killing you is my fear that friends & strangers will judge me for doing so.”


The phrase

We spend years trying to win arguments against our parents. We go to school & college hoping one day to come up with an argument to prove them wrong. When we do? Moms only have to say one phrase to put us in our place. 

When Mom is on social media

For whatever reason she joined Snapchat, Mom is pretty dead-set on seeing every public snap you post to your story. And when she does, you better have a backup snap to your behind. 

Patience of a Saint

Little kids like to talk, and there’s no one we like to explain every little detail to more than our moms. Thanks to all the moms out there who listened despite wanting to tear your hair out. 

Call me by my name

This happens more and more as moms age. They call us or start the beginning of a sentence and then trail off or completely blank altogether. It must be payback for listening to all our stories as children. 

Comeback mom

Moms wiped our butts as kids so they know all our business, knowing exactly what to say to put us in our place when we are being unreasonable. 

The oversharer 

Some moms use social media to post political opinions and some moms use social media to update the world on every little thing they’re doing. We’ll take the latter any day. 

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