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Looking for something for your children? Or feeling nostalgic? Check out our list of old kids TV shows and tell us your favorite!

‘CatDog’: Rewind time to your childhood with these old kids TV shows

Old kids TV shows are fun to watch once you’re older because it feels like you’re taking a time machine back to those innocent days before life got more complicated. Life undoubtedly gets more complicated as you get older, but as a kid, most worries in the world are minimal. 

The best old kids TV shows are still able to be enjoyed by kids today, even though several generations have passed. Whether these old kids TV shows are animated, made with the help of puppets, or filmed with real actors, it’s nice to remember how wholesome & amazing they really are.


CatDog premiered in 1998 and ran for four seasons, telling the story of conjoined animal siblings. On one side we’ve got Cat who’s hopeful for the life of fame & fortune sometime down the line. On the other hand, Dog . . . not so much. 

Cat wants to be successful & wealthy in life while Dog, on the other hand, is constantly on a pursuit of momentary joy. Dog is concerned about the short-term pleasures in life and because he’s more of a ditzy airhead, he constantly slows Cat down from achieving new things.

The Wiggles

Just like CatDog, The Wiggles is another old kids TV show that premiered in 1998. The show is perfect for toddlers who want to learn more about music, fun songs, and simple dances. The choreography in this show is really easy to catch on to, but some kids just like to sit back and enjoy. The pure simplicity of this old kid TV show is what makes it so wholesome & special.


Arthur is an old kids TV show based on a series of children’s books written by Mark Brown. Mark Brown clearly had a very creative imagination to come up with such sweet characters living their lives in one neighborhood. Arthur is an eight-year-old sweetheart who goes on various adventures with his friends & family in his local area.

Dragon Tales

Dragon Tales is a sweet old kids TV show about two human children who discover a dragon scale. Upon discovering the magical scale, they are able to socialize with living dragons in a way they never thought they could before. The dragons are loving & gentle to the children so they never feel like they are in harm’s way when they go on their adventures.

Clifford the Big Red Dog

Clifford the Big Red Dog is an old kids TV show about a giant red dog with his normal-sized human owner. When she first adopts him, she has no idea that he’s going to keep growing to such a large size. Despite growing to be a giant, his owner loves him anyway and decides to keep him, take care of him, and experience fun daily routines with him.

The Magic School Bus

The Magic School Bus is an incredible show filled with so many educational highlights. An eccentric school teacher knows the best way to reach her students is to take them on magical adventures through the help of a flying school bus. Instead of being stuck in a boring classroom all day, she & her students explore scientific topics all around the planet.


Babies with mature personalities are the main characters in Rugrats. The old kids TV show from Nickelodeon is all about a group of babies who are constantly in close quarters since their adult parents are good friends. 

The little ones can communicate with each other, escape out of their playpens, and hang out with the family dog. This show is really precious and even got its own spinoff called Rugrats: All Grown Up! chronicling the lives of the babies after they get a little older.

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