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Will the NXIVM trial ever come to an end? Will NXIVM’s victims seek justice from the trial? Let’s find out what's going on.

NXIVM trial: When will Allison Mack be sentenced for her crimes?

Will the NXIVM trial ever come to an end? It started in 2018 when founder Keith Raniere was arrested on sex trafficking charges. The arrest could have come sooner, as an investigative journalist reported on the sex trafficking back in 2012. Several key players in NXIVM were arrested right after Raniere, including Smallville’s Allison Mack.

Allison Mack was known for playing the girl next door on the 2000s hit show Smallville, about Clark Kent before he became Superman. She joined NXIVM and rose through the ranks to become a lead member. Little did anyone know that NXIVM, a self-proclaimed female empowerment network, was actually a sex trafficking pyramid scheme. 

According to victims, Allison Mack would blackmail members of NXIVM if they didn’t comply or were going to come forward. Fans could hardly believe it when the news broke that she was arrested on sex trafficking and conspiracy charges soon after NXIVM’s founder Keith Raniere.  

While Allison Mack pled guilty last year, the conclusion of the NXIVM trial, the sentencing phase, still hasn’t been carried out. Similarly, a civil suit was brought forward in March, but dates have yet to be scheduled. Will NXIVM’s victims seek justice from the trial? Let’s find out. 

Allison Mack pled guilty last year

Allison Mack originally pled not guilty during the NXIVM trial to sex trafficking and other related charges against her. In a surprising turn of events, Mack revised her plea in the same afternoon, tearfully admitting her wrongdoing while pleading guilty to racketeering. Her sentencing was originally for September 11, 2019. 

During her sentencing, concluding the NXIVM trial, Allison Mack could receive up to 40 years for her role in the sex cult. Each charge carries twenty years due to multiple counts. 

Allison Mack’s sentencing was pushed back

The opening statements for the NXIVM trial were supposed to begin April 29, and Allison Mack’s sentencing was supposed to be September 11, 2019. However, the date was pushed back at first because of pre-sentencing discovery, where the defense would gather evidence in favor of more lenient sentencing. 

It was pushed back again due to the COVID lockdown, where many hearings were postponed due to the virus. We’re not sure when the NXIVM trial will resume. 

Civil lawsuits against Allison Mack are pending

A civil suit was filed in Brooklyn court in January against Allison Mack, NXIVM founder Raniere, and eleven other top members of the sex cult. We’re not sure when the trial will begin for the lawsuit, or if it will go to trial, but litigation has been pushed back due to COVID as well. 

When could we see an end? 

Since Allison Mack already pled guilty to racketeering and conspiracy, the last part of the NXIVM trial for her is the sentencing. Both charges carry up to 20 years in prison, but Mack’s lawyers are trying to make the sentence more lenient due to Mack’s guilty plea and her willingness to cooperate in Raniere’s NXIVM trial. 

Charges against Keith Raniere

Keith Raniere, the founder of NXIVM, is facing a multitude of charges for his role in trafficking women and exploiting them in his sex cult. These charges include assault charges for branding women with his own initials, also charges related to sexual assault, extortion, and blackmail. 

At the NXIVM trial, Raniere was convicted of a lot of federal charges. His sentencing was set for March 2020. Like Allison Mack’s sentencing, it was pushed back due to COVID. 

Allison Mack’s sentencing is far from the end

Not only were there multiple co-conspirators in the NXIVM trial, with the civil suit pending, but the case could also drag on for years. At this rate, we wonder if the victims of NXIVM will ever see justice.


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