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It's officially been one year since the passing of Naya Rivera, and many are still mourning the loss of the 'Glee' actress. What's Twitter saying?

Naya Rivera: Join Twitter as fans honor the actress one year after her death

Today officially marks the one-year anniversary of the passing of Glee actress Naya Rivera. Many will recall when Rivera went missing on July 8th, 2020, on California’s like Piru, after she had rented a boat so that her and her son could enjoy the day on the water. However, Rivera never returned, sending a rescue team out to find the missing actress. Many are still mourning that sad news, including Rivera’s mother. 

Yolanda Previtire spoke on Good Morning America regarding her daughter’s anniversary of her passing, saying how “Sometimes we’re afraid of the sorrow being so heavy that we’re afraid for our own self, ‘cause this is hard. There are no words to describe what we’re going through,” she said. “All we know is we have each other.” Others close to Rivera warmly spoke on her passing, but it doesn’t make it any easier.

While Naya was certainly a force of a personality, both the world and its Twitter representation, we cannot deny just how powerful the actress was, especially her role as Santana Lopez on Glee, which notably gave much of the closeted community a voice to stand up and be proud of who they are. Let’s delve into Naya’s legacy as Santana, as well as her passing anniversary and how Twitter is celebrating the actress today.  

Glee’s Santana Lopez

Season 1 of Glee introduced us to the b!+$% of McKinley High School, Santana Lopez, who was dead set on her mission to destroy the Glee club New Directions and all who wasted their time with it. Equally, Lopez had an individual cause that involved putting down those she deemed weak, fat, gay, stupid, or whatever she could come up with. Rivera’s sharp delivery perfectly suited the character’s stubbornness, and we loved it!  

However, as the seasons evolved, so did the character of Santana Lopez, who was able to find herself alongside her close band of misfits, realizing that there are more people like her than she ever thought. It was in season 3 where the character was outed as a lesbian, having struggled with her sexuality in the episodes leading up to her reveal. 

While it was a culture shock at first, Lopez went on to hone her true identity, as well as her relationship with fellow cheerio, Brittany. It was one of the better character arcs in Glee, and it likely couldn’t have been portrayed any better than how Naya Rivera executed the role. 

Naya passes away

At the young age of thirty-three, Naya Rivera passed away as the result of a tragic drowning after she and her young son Josey, now five, rented a boat at Southern California’s Lake Piru. Worries grew after the boat failed to return after its three-hour rental, which led to the staff finding the boat at the north side of the lake, only to find a sleeping Josey. Naya’s body went missing and was eventually recovered five days later. 

It is believed that Rivera gave her own life in an effort to save her child.

Twitter celebrates Naya

Mother and son

A touching quote that represents what Naya’s child meant in her life. 

What she meant

Naya gave strength to everyone it seems. 

Naya’s family speaks

More quotes from Naya’s family on the one-year anniversary of her passing. 

Fan montage

An amazing Naya fan chopped up this small remembrance video. 

Her best work

Remember when Santana showed up Rachel Berry?

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