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We have 'Money Heist' season 4 fever too, so we did the leg work for you, and found some of the best Spanish locations to check out.

After ‘Money Heist’ season 4, you’ll want to visit these Spanish locations

Money Heist films in some pretty fun looking areas and it’s enough to make you want to get on an airplane and see them for yourself. (After quarantine is over, of course.) However, there’s absolutely no harm in starting to plan your future vacation right this very moment while you’re still dealing with season four fever.

We have season four fever too, so we did the leg work for you, and found some of the best Spanish locations to check out, so you can relieve the best scenery of Money Heist in person.

Abadía de Parraces

This location called Parraces Abbey in English (Parraces is a last name) is home to the monastery scenes of seasons three and four. It is less of a monastery in real life and more of a jaw-droppingly beautiful venue.

The building really is a sixteenth-century monastery and a historical monument, but these days it hosts lavish parties and enormous weddings. As well as, numerous other film productions.

If you’re a truly hardcore fan, maybe you’ll have to get married here.

Callao Square

Callao Square is better known as Plaza de Callao in Madrid, Spain. This was the site of the one and only banknotes shower from season three. Madrid refers to the square as a mini Times Square, so it really is a bustling place with big screens, shopping, and movie theaters. Any tourist should stop here, but Money Heist fans need to.

Guna Yala Islands

Granted, this location isn’t in Spain, but if you’re wanting something a bit tropical, then maybe you want to check out the filming location of Tokyo and Rio’s island hideout in the Caribbean.

This show calls the location Isla Pelícano, however, it’s real name is the Guna Yala Islands. It’s an archipelago of nearly 400 different islands. Finding the right one for filming may sound difficult, however, there are some boat tours that have started stopping at the film spots.

San Frutos Hermitage

Only 140 kilometers from Madrid in the province of Segovia is the “Italian” monastery where Berlin pens his thoughts on theological philosophy.

It’s a popular spot amongst the locals as well as tourists, so it’s a great stop for any vacation. You can reenact some Money Heist scenes, take some pictures of the sprawling landscape, and enjoy the view of the Duraton River.

La Casa de Papel Experience

If visiting some of the filming locations isn’t enough for you, then you can visit the Money Heist experience in Madrid. (Other locations are planned to open in São Paulo, Paris.)

This is an escape room experience where participants become involved in their own jewel heist. Costumes and photoshoots are also included so you can really feel like a member of the Money Heist cast.

This experience was set to open in 2020, however, with current concerns about COVID-19 it’s best to follow updates on the openings closely as details are likely to be changed.

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