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'Money Heist'’s riveting season 3 captured the attention of many viewers when it was first released. Here are all the crazy events from season 3.

‘Money Heist’ season 3: The crazy events you may have forgotten

One of the most riveting series on Netflix is Money Heist, a Spanish crime series about a team of experts who plan heists led by a criminal mastermind known as The Professor (Alvaro Morte). With four stellar seasons on Netflix, the intense series is easy to fly through. 

Money Heists riveting third season captured the attention of many viewers when it was first released in July 2019. If you binged it like many of us, you may be forgetting some major events that happened. 

We’re here to refresh your memory – here are some crazy events that happened in season 3.

Risky heist for Rio

At the end of season 2 after their success breaking into the Royal Mint of Spain, the group of heisters parted ways. Rio, however, got captured when he was living with Tokyo on an island. Thus, the Panama authorities who captured him became Tokyo’s next target. After begging her team to save Rio, they eventually agree and plan a new mission.

In order to force the police to release Rio, they form a plan to make an attempt to steal from the Bank of Spain. This mission spanned throughout season 3 and had many crazy twists and turns. 

One part of this plan that is particularly nuts, is when the professor organizes a “D-Day” in which the group of heisters drop millions of Euros of cash onto Madrid. This insights mass chaos and gives them a distraction. With this distraction, they’re able to successfully break into the bank.

Rio & Tokyo split

Even after Tokyo was the one to convince the Professor to go through all the trouble of rescuing him, Rio broke it off with Tokyo. During his time in isolation where he was tortured & imprisoned, Rio finds clarity about their relationship. He comes to the conclusion that he was more of a lost puppy following Tokyo around. 

Many fans heartbroken by the dramatic break up, we had to watch as Tokyo unhappily deals with the break up – doing her fair share of drinking away her troubles.  

Nairobi is shot

Police detective Alicia Sierra has done many heartless things, but perhaps one of the worst was her plan to draw out Nairobi. When Alicia discovers that Nairobi has a young son, she decides to manipulate Nairobi by using him against her. 

Sierra concocts a plan to plant a cell phone inside a teddy bear and put it outside of the bank. The teddy bear is a deep wound for Nairobi who once used it as a way to smuggle drugs. Telling Nairobi that they had her son, Sierra pushes Nairobi to look out the window where she was shot by a sniper. Bleeding out from the wound, this event nearly kills Nairobi. 

“Killing” Lisbon

In part 2 of Money Heist, the character Lisbon goes through a major character shift that defines her fated relationship with the Professor. However, this close relationship (like other relationships on the show) makes the team face greater risks. Once feelings get involved, decision making tends to go out the window. 

Even though Lisbon was supposed to hide from the cops with the Professor, she flees and seeks refuge in a barn. After convincing the farmers to let her use the barn as a hiding spot, the police forces come and demand her surrender. But, like the cold, manipulative person Sierra is, she pushes the officers to make it seem as though they shot and killed Lisbon.  

Of course, this sends the Professor into a frenzy, playing right into Alicia Sierra’s hand. All of the members of the heist team believe that Lisbon is dead even though she is alive and in custody. 

Declaration of war

In one of the most violent moments in Money Heist, we see our team of robbers finding desperate solutions in their attempt to escape the bank. Partially orchestrated by Alicia (again) Rio and Tokyo fire a rocket launcher at a police tank. 

This extreme act immediately demonstrated an act of war – which is, of course, exactly what Alicia Sierra wanted. Due to this declaration of war, that means that the police can then retaliate, allowing them to take out the heisters by force.  

After this intense finale, Money Heist jumps right into season 4. This means that season 4 is left to clean up the craziness that ensues in season 3.

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