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‘Money Heist’ season 5: Everything you need to know while waiting

We know that season 4 of Money Heist premiered a month ago but it doesn’t mean we don’t need to see what happens in season 5 right now. With expected delays in the show’s filming, we’re hopeful that the next season will be back by 2021, and if not —well, let’s just say it won’t be pretty. 

For now, we’re left to our own devices, spinning theories and watching all four earlier seasons on repeat. A lot of events went down in the last season, some we want to see the outcome of, some we don’t want to think about. But for anyone sniffing around for some scraps on what might be expected from season 5 of Money Heist, here’s a few things that might be on the docket for the next go around. 

And yes, spoilers are ahead. 

The cliffhanger 

At the end of season 4, we were left dangling on the edge of a cliff as Inspector Alicia Sierra holds a gun to the Professor’s head. The heist is still on as the rest of the team are in the Bank of Spain prepping the gold for extraction by melting it into smaller pieces. The next stage of the plan will see how they are able to finish and escape. 

It seemed like the heist was in their hands after Lisbon was freed and made it to the bank. It all came crashing down when Alicia sniffed out the Professor’s hiding place. Now without their leader, we are left wondering how the end of this heist will play out, and if the team will make it to safety? 

The dead & the doomed 

There’s been many deaths over the last few seasons that have shaken us to our core, but none more sudden and final as Nairobi’s. Just when she had been pulled back from the brink of death at the season’s beginning, Nairobi loses her life to the brutal Gandia. 

We must also ask what is Gandia’s fate? As chief of security, he’s the best chance of the heist team making it out alive. But he’s also a murderer and we want retribution for Nairobi. As Gandia was left incapacitated in the hands of the team at the end of the season, we will have to see how he is used in their plans. 

There is another person we’d love to see killed off and that’s the despicable Arturo. We’ve had enough of his slimebag ways and the rape in season 4 was the last straw. At this point no one would be sorry to see him go, preferably in the most painful way possible. 

The disgraced inspector

The next season will feature Alicia Sierra in a big way. She’s already established herself as the only person who can rival even the Professor’s ability to scheme and stay one step ahead and her skills have made her the thorn in the team’s side. 

Now that she doesn’t answer to any authority, after being stripped of her job for Rio’s torture, Alicia is a rogue agent and she is perhaps more dangerous than she ever was. 

Now the question is: what will Alicia now that she has the Professor? The biggest upset of season 4 (besides Nairobi’s death) came literally as the credits rolled on the last episode and Alicia’s voice sang the song “Ciao Bella”. The song is a symbol of resistance for the heist group therefore is Alicia planning to join their cause? Whatever happens in season 5, we have a feeling Alicia’s character will undergo big developments. 

The wait 

All current productions are halted due to our present circumstances so we’re left worried about the status of season 5. The new season still hasn’t been officially greenlit but Jesus Colmenar, the show’s director, has stated there will be a fifth part. With season 4 racking up over 65 million views, we can’t see how season 5 won’t be on it’s way soon.

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  • Type Message:it was hard to see my favourite character die that is Nairobi. I though see inspector Alicia joining the heist and Arturo not dying any time soon.

    May 26, 2020
  • Nairobe was one the best characters and she did not have to died

    June 28, 2020

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