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Find out why 'Money Heist' is driving everyone mad. Here’s a rundown of the big players and the new characters joining us for part three.

‘Money Heist’ part 3: Everything you need to know

Chances are if you spend your life on Netflix, you’ve stumbled upon the Spanish thriller La Casa de Papel, better known to English speakers as Money Heist. The show has blown up since its 2017 release, and Netflix just dropped its third season on July 19th (which you probably bingewatched over the weekend because it’s the most gripping show ever seen on screen.)

Money Heist focuses around a planned heist on the Royal Mint of Spain by the Professor (Alvaro Morte) and his eight robbers. The first two parts were aired as one season in Spain, revolving around the robbery and broken up into vignettes to allow character development throughout the tension.

The third part, produced solely by Netflix, jumps the action to two years after the events of part two, following the gang as they try to move on from the heist. Some have done so, whereas others are trying to get even for what happened then. A new season brings forward a new heist, new gang members, and new scores to even.

Money Heist has become a big hit for Netflix as the most recorded and most-watched foreign language show on the streaming service. The show also received the International Emmy for Best Drama Series in 2018. People can’t get enough of the heist – and we can’t blame them! 

To honor the return of our favorite Netflix addiction, here’s the best memes for our favorite characters from 'Money Heist'.

For those looking to join in on the craze and find out why Money Heist is driving everyone mad, here’s a rundown of the big players in the first two parts, as well as the new characters joining us for part three. (We know it’s addictive, which is why we wrote a whole piece about that. Check it out here.)

There will be basic discussions about where everyone is as of the first episode of season three – no major spoilers for part three but plenty of spoilers for part one and two – go watch them now and come back!

The Professor / Salvatore / Sergio Marquina (Alvaro Morte)

The Professor is the puppetmaster of the whole heist plot. He’s the one who recruited the eight robbers, gave them their roles, and set the plan into place. His hands reach all over the place, as he even influenced police to follow the plan. 

Though the heist didn’t come together in part one, he manages to pull it off and make himself and his robbers rich by the end of part two. Part three shows Salva coming out of hiding to save one of his own, but it seems like he’s still hiding out in the Philippines like he was at the end of part two.

Tokyo (Ursula Corbero)

The audience sees the heists generally through Tokyo’s eyes. She was a robber on her own before the Professor recruited her to help rob the mint. Tokyo definitely has a habit of getting herself into trouble, as during the second part she ends up in police custody thanks to her fellow robbers.

In part three, Rio and Tokyo are together in Panama, but it seems like somehow Tokyo ends up getting Rio arrested. Tokyo is then forced to contact the Professor to try to get the gang back together and free Rio from Interpol custody.

Moscow (Paco Tous)

After the downfall of the mining industry, Moscow turned to crime to support his family, including son Denver. The two joined the Professor’s plot, with Moscow slowly realizing he’s in over his head throughout the first part. However, he stays on and ends up being shot trying to help Tokyo.

Thanks to the police’s lack of medical attention, Moscow succumbed to his injuries in part two, so his appearances in part three are only through flashbacks. But we know he would be proud of the group for sticking together to help Rio.

Raquel/Lisbon (Itziar Ituno)

Raquel has been the Professor’s pawn in the police force since day one. Befriending her as Salva, he was the little voice in her ear, convincing Raquel to do everything she did and trying to help the gang avoid the police as best as she could. She eventually figures out Salva’s true identity – but by that time, she’s taken off the case and assumed to be helping him. Not to mention, they’ve fallen in love.

In the end of part two, Raquel followed coordinates left for her by the Professor and disappeared to the Philippines with him. She then comes out of hiding when Tokyo contacts the Professor at the beginning of part three, helping get the gang of misfits back together.

Rio (de Janeiro) / Ánibal Cortes (Miguel Herrán)

The hacker of the group, Rio is recruited by Tokyo. Rio is also the reason the police catch on to everyone’s identities in part one and almost ends up surrendering to police. He’s really not cut out for this life, but he stays for Tokyo.

After almost losing Rio in part two thanks to her arrest, Rio keeps Tokyo close in part three. But, somehow he ends up in Interpol custody thanks to a tapped phone line, leading the gang of robbers we’ve come to love to come together and free him.

Denver (Jamie Lorente)

Brought into the world of crime by his father Moscow, Denver joins the heist but finds more than money. He falls for Monica, one of the hostages and the mint director’s mistress. The two end up pursuing a romance together even through all the action, and Monica even ends up joining the team later on. 

Part three shows the two in Indonesia raising Monica’s child from her old boss. When called out of hiding, Denver brings Monica with him and helps assist in the plot against the Bank of Spain. Monica becomes an official member of the team, declared “Stockholm”.

Berlin / Andrés de Follonosa (Pedro Alonso)

Berlin is the half-brother of the Professor and second-in-command. In a stunning twist in part one, it’s revealed Berlin is terminally ill and joins the group since he’s going to die one way or another, though this news causes trust issues initially. In the beginning of part two, it’s Berlin who turns Tokyo in to the police since she tries to start a mutiny against him.

Since he’s already dying anyway, Berlin sacrifices himself at the end of part two, allowing the others to escape. This is hard for the Professor, who encourages him to rethink his decision, but he understands why Berlin decides to stay. There’s no coming back from multiple gunshot wounds, but Berlin does make some flashback appearances in part three.

Mónica / Stockholm (Esther Acebo)

Originally a hostage in the initial heist, Monica ends up falling for Denver during their time together. Monica is also pregnant with her boss’s child out of wedlock. It’s assumed towards the beginning that Denver shot Monica on Berlin’s command, which breaks Moscow’s heart. However, later on it’s revealed due to his love, Denver didn’t kill Monica even though he was told to.

The end of part two has Monica escaping with the rest of the robbers, meaning she joined the group thanks to Denver. The beginning of part three confirms this, as she’s with Denver and her child in Indonesia, and joins the gang when they’re assembled to save Rio. She’s given the codename Stockholm (to commemorate her falling for her captor as in the Syndrome).

Nairobi (Alba Flores)

One of the original eight, Nairobi is the one in charge of the printing part of the heist and assuring the currency comes out legit. Since this job focuses on staying in the mint vault, Nairobi tends to be outside of the majority of the drama. She does have to rush to stop the process and pack the money when the police discover the Professor’s hideout. 

Part three has Nairobi and Helsinki escaping to Argentina with their cut of the loot. The two return to help the Professor with his plot against the Bank of Spain to make themselves some more money and help out young Rio.

Helsinki (Darko Peric)

War veteran Helsinki joined this life thanks to his cousin Oslo. He’s relatively new to the whole ordeal, meaning he’s left some messy mistakes outside the vault for the Professor to clean up, including fingerprints on the car they used to get to the vault. But his soldier skills make him the perfect guy to keep an eye on hostages.

Helsinki disappears to Argentina with Nairobi at the beginning of part three, and it’s no surprise they rejoin the group. The two are essential to pulling off another heist, so they may have been convinced – but they were willing to come out of hiding for their team.

Oslo (Roberto Garcia Ruiz)

Helsinki’s cousin Oslo is also a veteran soldier who uses his skills to help the Professor take over the mint. Oslo is overseeing the hostages when the director of the mint leads a crowd of hostages to freedom. He ends up beaten to a pulp and dying from his injuries after police refused to treat him.

Oslo’s been dead for a full season now, but flashbacks keep everyone alive forever. Oslo made repeated appearances in flashbacks throughout part two, so it’s expected that Oslo will continue to appear in flashbacks throughout the other parts. 

In addition to our eight players from the previous seasons, Netflix has added three new gang members that will be filling the void left by Oslo, Moscow, and Berlin. Not a lot is known about them at this time, but we can at least introduce you to the three helping the gang with their newest heist.

Bogota (Hovik Keucherian)

A longtime friend of the Professor, Bogota joins the crew in part three to help with the new plot. Bogota is a skilled welder, which will work perfectly to help the gang rob the Bank of Spain’s gold.

Palermo (Rodrigo de la Serna)

After Berlin’s death, the Professor needs a new second-in-command. Palermo will step up to the plate in part three to fill Berlin’s shoes and lead the new plot to rob the Bank of Spain. He’ll be integral to the planning of the heist, as there are multiple new players joining the gang. He was Berlin’s BFF and partner in crime.

Marsella (Luka Peros)

Not much has been revealed about Peros’s character yet. All we know is that Marsella is one of the three new members of the gang brought on to help rob the Bank of Spain. Maybe he’ll be the one to fill Moscow’s shoes.

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