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'Money Heist' part 4 will debut on April 3rd. With so many theories about what’s coming next, here’s the answers we want to see in 'Money Heist' part 4.

‘Money Heist’ season 4: All our theories for what’s coming next

We’ve spent a lot of time focused on what’s coming next for The Professor and co. in part four of Money Heist. From the infamous Tatiana is Alicia theory, to if Nairobi will make it another day, there’s a bunch of unanswered questions we’re waiting on in part four. 

So with less than two months until we return to the heist of the Bank of Spain, we’re demanding answers. But since creator Alex Pena won’t answer any of our calls, we’re making our own answers for what’s coming next on Money Heist. With so many theories about what’s coming next, here’s the answers we want to see in Money Heist part four. 

Tatiana returns . . . As herself

Look, even we’ve looked at the logic behind the Tatiana is Alicia theory. While it could work out that Alicia’s pregnancy is actually Tatiana pregnant with Berlin’s child, there’s still too many holes. Najwa Nimri and Diana Gomez do look similar, but there’s too many differences in each woman’s appearance to defend her returning as Alicia. 

That said, we do believe Tatiana is playing a bigger role in Money Heist than Berlin’s ex. The Professor clearly trusts Tatiana, and we wouldn’t be surprised if he’s using her in some way on the outside. Especially with Raquel being captured by police, Tatiana may be the one to help break her out. 

Nairobi is still alive because we say so

If Nairobi dies, we riot at dawn. Our forgery expert who’s definitely queen bitch number one, she’s the one who can help any situation by calming everyone down. So if she succumbs to her gunshot wound, they might as well just surrender to the police now. 

Look, we can say every theory under the sun about how Nairobi survived the sniper rounds being lodged in her chest. We have, and we can do it again. But the truth is we want Nairobi to live for what she brings to the team. If we lose Nairobi, it’s going to hurt worse than it did losing Berlin in part two. 

Tokyo and Rio finally break up

As cute as their relationship can be, part three has been a shining example of why these two need to break up. They keep having a love/hate relationship that spills into their work. Considering how bad this heist is going, we need everyone at the top of their game. 

Hopefully, they’ll realize this too, and break up as a couple. They can remain friends, and should so they can continue to work together. But save us all the mediocre drama and separate. 

Alicia finally loses (and stops being evil)

Just for the fact she made Nairobi’s son watch his mom get shot, Alicia needs to go. Especially as she’s pregnant, we’ll never understand what made her think that was an okay thing to make that child go through. Alicia has been a thousand times more ruthless than Raquel ever was in parts one and two. 

We don’t know if the robbers will even get to make it out alive, but we hope they do. Alicia has proven that she has no right being in charge of anyone, as she just wants to hurt, not help. The best revenge against her would be to watch the thieves make it out of the bank alive. That’ll teach her a lesson to stop being such a bitch.

Money Heist part four will debut on Netflix April 3rd.

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