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The hype around 'Money Heist' is real. We investigate whether or not Nairobi will stay alive in 'Money Heist' season 4. Here's what we know.

Will our girl Nairobi stay alive in ‘Money Heist’ season 4?

The hype around Money Heist is real. After dropping with no advertising at the beginning, the show has grown bigger and badder overtime. Part three was the most-watched non-English speaking series on Netflix in 2019, and part four promises a really complicated finale to this heist. 

We’ve talked ad nauseam about how part 3 ended and where we think this is going next. So for a quick summary if you’ve forgotten, some new crew members replacing Oslo, Berlin, and Moscow and our original thieves are back to work on robbing the Bank of Spain to save Rio (Miguel Herran) who got taken by Interpol. While going well at first, Lisbon (Itziar Ituno) gets captured by police and Nairobi (Alba Flores) gets shot.

The police trick The Professor (Alvaro Morte) into thinking Lisbon is dead, so he declares war and has Rio and Tokyo (Ursula Corbero) fire grenades at police. This goes against his values of no casualties, and is exactly the response that the police wanted from the Professor. 

The most important part 4 theory

With so many cliffhangers for everyone, there’s plenty of theories to go around guessing what we can expect when part 4 hits Netflix April 3rd. The hot theory is that Alice, the police detective replacing Lisbon, is actually Berlin’s ex-girlfriend Tatiana, which is clearly not the case but that’s beside the point.

We’re here to talk about the only cliffhanger that matters: Nairobi’s injury. Towards the end of part three, Nairobi is lured towards a window by police thanks to her son Axel. Nairobi gave him up knowing that she would never be able to give him the life he deserved, but still longed for him. So she falls for the trap and ends up getting shot in the chest by police so they can move forward after the robbers.

Part three of Money Heist left Nairobi bleeding on the floor as the robbers in the bank tried to push the police back. So, will Nairobi get to see another day in part four? Fans are split on whether Nairobi will be able to survive her injuries or if she’ll succumb. We’d like to think that we’re not going to lose Nairobi yet, but we also weren’t expecting to lose Moscow or Berlin in parts one and two. 

New evidence from Netflix themselves

In the date announcement for Money Heist Netflix dropped, all of the robbers in their red coveralls are shown. But right at the end, Nairobi is shown in red coveralls, as if she’s still with the crew. This could be a red herring, but we think Netflix purposefully left her at the end for suspense. Netflix knows how much we want Nairobi to live on, so they want to leave her until the end as a tease.

While there isn’t any other official evidence out, Reddit has been hard at work developing theories to prove that Nairobi isn’t dead. One user pointed out that the teddy bear Nairobi was holding took the majority of the force of the bullet, lodging the bullet in her chest. This actually helps when people get shot, as it tries to bottle up the blood. But she doesn’t have much more time to survive, and still needs medical attention.

We don’t officially see Nairobi die on screen, she just passes out. She could just be going into shock, so there’s still some time to get help. But they did just blow up police, so it’s unlikely the police are willing to help get Nairobi the medical attention she needs. 

So, is she alive?

Long story short: who knows. An argument can be made for either side t0 prove if Nairobi will die or live. There’s plenty of proof to show how Netflix will explain how she’s still alive, but there’s plenty of proof of how it’s impossible for her to have lived that injury. We have to wait until April 3rd to know for sure what’s going on with our dear forgery expert. 

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