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For those who need a refresher, we've compiled a recap of all the major events of 'Money Heist' season 3. Put on your Dali mask and enjoy.

Scene of the crime: Recap all the major events from ‘Money Heist’ season 3

Fans of the Spanish-language crime caper drama Money Heist (or La casa de papel) are currently languishing in hiatus hell. Part three of the popular series was released back in July 2019, and there’s no announcement on when part four will return – just that it will. 

Money Heist, in simplest terms, follows a group of criminals named after cities as they pull off the biggest heists in Spanish history. The streaming giant has international rights for the series, which has proven to be a huge success all over the world. Why? Who doesn’t love a heist that takes a Robin Hood-esque approach? 

For those who need a refresher, given that several months can feel like several years in TV time, Film Daily has compiled a recap of all the major events of Money Heist part 3. Put on your Dali mask and enjoy.


What is D-Day? We’re not talking about the WWII operation for the invasion of Normandy by Allied forces. In pop culture, a countdown to D-Day promises that something game-changing is going to happen.

In Money Heist, this is a countdown to when the crew takes on the Bank of Spain to steal all its gold. Their plan? To use it to win goodwill with the public by giving it away.

Goodwill and public perception have always been key in Money Heist. The team wants the people to be on their side. If they are, that means they won’t be turned in if spotted by your average citizen while on the road. After all, no one’s going to want to turn in a folk hero, right? (Well, unless they’re the cops, but still.) 

Nairobi’s (possible) death

Nairobi (Alba Flores) is a counterfeiter who just wants to be a good mom to her kids. When the team gets back together in part 3, she rejoins their efforts to get Rio back and get the gold out of the Bank of Spain. 

The end of part three ends with Nairobi’s life on the line. Using Nairobi’s son to lure her to a window, NPC inspector Alicia Sierra (Najwa Nimri) gives the order to a sniper. Nairobi is shot and bleeding out in part 3’s final moments. 

The team is stuck in the Bank

During part 3’s closer, the team tries to convince the police they’re escaping. This is meant to draw resources away from the Bank, allowing the team to escape for real while the police are distracted.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t work. After Nairobi is shot and with means of escape out the window, the Professor (Alvaro Morte) declares DEFCON 2, essentially war on the police. As a result, the Professor has Tokyo (Ursula Corbero) and Rio (Miguel Herran) take out an armored car with RPG-7’s. At the end of part 3, the group is planning on staying in the Bank for as long as it takes.

Raquel is still alive

Sierra gets the upper hand on the Professor by exploiting his great weakness: his love for Raquel (Itzair Ituno). She tricks the Professor into thinking that Raquel has been executed. Grief does funny things to people as does revenge. When people’s minds are clouded, they make mistakes.

Raquel, in actuality, has been taken into custody. Tokyo narrates to the audience about what Raquel’s supposed death did the Professor. “It was the card that Sierra played to destroy us. And that’s how the war began.”

So the crew has just declared war on the Spanish government. Time to see how that works out in part 4.

Lingering questions going into Money Heist part 4

We caught you up on the major events in part 3 of Money Heist. We also have some lingering questions that show needs to answer when it returns:

  • Where are the police taking Raquel? 
  • What is the Professor going to do? Will he find out that Raquel isn’t dead?
  • How will the thieves move on now that they’ve declared war on the Spanish government? 
  • What is Alicia Sierra’s plan?

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