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Where there’s a crime, there’s always someone who is the villain. Let's rank our villains from 'Money Heist' from worst to best.

Here are all the best villains in ‘Money Heist’

When there’s a heist, there’s a way. And where there’s a crime, there’s always someone who is the villain. Of course, if you’re Money Heist, the thieves aren’t always the villains. Sometimes it’s the police. Sometimes it’s security officers. Sometimes it’s easily the world’s worst hostage and the human equivalent of poop.

With four parts under its belt, Money Heist has given us a lot of villains to love and a lot of villains to hate. Part four finally ended the siege on the Bank of Spain, so it’s time to rank our villains from the group’s first two heists from worst to best.

Arturo Roman (Enrique Arce)

Do we need to say anymore? He’s the epitome of trash. Bottom of the barrel villain. He truly is the best kind of person to hate because there’s no redeeming qualities about him. But he’s also a bumbling idiot, and therefore is more a villain because of how annoying he is. 

Being annoying doesn’t qualify you as evil. Look at Tokyo if you need more of an explanation.

Raquel Murillo (Itziar Ituno)

We love Raquel, but she sucked as a villain. Truly, Angel was more of a villain than she was when she was on the police force. She’s got wits, and is a hard worker, but she is much better on the side of the thieves. 

Colonel Luis Prieto & Colonel Luis Tamayo (Juan Fernández & Fernando Cayo)

These two go in the same category because they both serve as the same role: when the female inspector is failing at solving the case, they start getting mad and angry about everything going on. They’ll even throw the inspector under the bus if they have to.

Yet in both cases, the inspector came out on top. Raquel found the love of her life, and Alicia still caught The Professor like she wanted to. So they’re definitely not competent villains. 

Angel Rubio (Fernando Soto)

He actually is the one who figures out The Professor’s identity before anyone else. Angel went above and beyond in this case, even if everyone thought he was the traitor thanks to his glasses being bugged. Sure, he was in love with Raquel and that was the main reason he followed the Professor. 

We’ll give him a pass though for landing in a coma, keeping the Professor’s secret with him until after everyone found out the truth themselves. And he teamed up with Raquel and kept the truth hidden after being harassed the minute he awoke from his coma. 

Palmero (Rodrigo de la Serna)

He literally betrayed the entire team and teamed up with Gandia. Talk about being an awful replacement for Berlin. Sure, he’s technically on the side of the good guys, but being a backstabber puts him up there on the villain territory. 

Twist villains are always more painful, because you think they actually could be good until it becomes clear they’re evil. Palmero was close with Berlin, and it looked like he could be a valid replacement leader. 

Alicia Sierra (Najwa Nimri)

This woman is just straight evil. She’s willing to take down the team members one by one until the red suit heisters are no more. Hell, she almost killed Nairobi and left Rio with permanent scars from her torture. Her only redeeming factor is her pregnancy, and we’re not even sure that’s real.

Gandia (Jose Manuel Poga)

King of the villain list, head of security Gandia is now our most hated villain on Money Heist. Solely for killing Nairobi. You kidnapped Tokyo and yet let her live? What the hell is wrong with you? He cut off The Professor’s access and just made life hell for the thieves in Part 4. True evil if you’ve ever seen it. 

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  • This is the most stupid list I’ve ever read. The robbers aren’t the good guys and probably deserved to be picked off one by one. They robbed millions of Spanish citizens for their own selfishness

    January 28, 2021

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