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Anyone who watches 'Money Heist' knows Arturo Roman is trash. Now that season 4 is out, we want to know how the gang will punish Arturo.

‘Money Heist’ season 4: How will the gang punish Arturo Román?

Anyone who watches Money Heist knows Arturo Roman is trash. Played brilliantly by Enrique Arce, Arturo is the human sludge ball in charge of the Royal Mint of Spain, which the gang took over in parts 1 and 2. 

At the beginning of part 3, we didn’t see much of him, outside of him lying to millions through his career as the famous hostage hero. Of course, the minute the team decides to take over the Bank of Spain, Arturo wants to play hero again. He literally runs into the bank and locks himself in there by choice.

That alone should make the team want to kill him, but Money Heist season 4 makes him even more trash than he was before by turning him into a rapist. He gives drugs to a hostage to help her calm down, and in her delusional state, Arturo starts feeling her up and definitely seeming like he wants to rape her. 

What the hell Alex Pena?

This seems like a dumb reason to bring Arturo back, especially since he denies the rape allegations like any man accused of rape does. But there is a good reason: to get shot by one of the other hostages for his actions. 

While Arturo got to play the hero before, this time the hostages aren’t taking any of his shit. Julia aka Manilla (Belen Cuesta), one of the crew that was disguised as a hostage, shoots Arturo in the leg after the hostages stand up to Arturo for what he did. 

None of this excuses the fact that they imply Arturo raped a hostage. There was no reason for Arturo to come into the Bank of Spain to begin with, and all he’s done since being back is be a piece of crap. 

Death? We’re not so sure.

By the end of the season, the hostages are sick of him just as much as we are. But the idiot is still alive by the end of Money Heist season 4. So now that we’re stuck waiting for part 5 to change this, is it possible for the show to kill off Arturo next time?

It comes down to if they have a new voice for the opposition. The reason Arturo had to stick around is that someone had to be the voice of those who feel the heist was just a crime and wasn’t a protest. Since the public opinion was much more positive of the heist this time around thanks to Rio’s torture and Lisbon being held against her will, the opposition has to be as strong. 

Who would replace Arturo?

Of course, we have the person to replace Arturo in our grasp: Gandia (Jose Manuel Poga). The chief of security is the new Arturo, though a hell of a lot more deadly. He managed to escape and call for help, while also messing with the gang and their chances of escaping. 

If Gandia becomes the new voice of the opposition, talking about his journey as a hostage against the evil terrorists, then Arturo can just disappear. Since he’s a rapist, his career as a motivational speaker is gone. No one will want to associate with him. 

Maybe not death, but torture at least

But where’s the fun in killing him off and not letting those who had to deal with him get justice? The truth is the gang probably won’t be the ones dealing the blows to Arturo; it will be his fellow hostages.

We’ve already seen how protective the group has become of the hostage Arturo drugged, and one of them already shot him. Well, one of the gang shot him, but she was in with the hostages. There’s no way they’ll let him walk away without getting a beating or two in on Arturo. 

While we’d much rather see him dead and never to return, we want to at least see Arturo suffer. That way, we know the little douche got what he had coming. 

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