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Itching for more 'Money Heist'? Netflix is prepared to scratch it! Find out when the new release dates are for this thrilling series.

‘Money Heist’ Part 5: We *finally* have release dates from Netflix

Netflix has finally announced their plans for the final season of La Casa De Papel (Money Heist). It’s been a little over a year since the eight-episode second season ended on a massive cliffhanger, and Netflix previously announced season 3 will conclude the show and be split into two parts. Now they’ve revealed that Volume One will air on September 3rd, and Volume Two will drop three months later on December 3rd. 

Money Heist is the most popular, non-English show that Netflix produces. The final season will span ten episodes, with each five-episode arc taking on a different focus. While previous seasons have also been split down the middle, this time the pandemic altered the show’s approach. 

Series creator Álex Pina said: “When we began to write Part Five in the midst of the pandemic, we felt that we had to change what was expected from the ten-episode season and used every tool we could to create the sensation of a season finale or series finale in the first volume itself.” He said that the second half of the season will focus on the “emotional situation of the characters”. 

Smash hit

Money Heist tells the story of a heist planned by a mysterious man known as the Professor. The episodes are narrated by a woman called Tokyo, who becomes involved with the Professor when he rescues her from a failed heist of her own. With a crew of robbers, the two of them intended to steal billions from the Royal Mint of Spain. 

When Money Heist was first created, Álex Pina intended it to be a two-part limited series. The first season was just that. The initial fifteen episodes were split into two parts and aired on the Spanish network Antena 3. 

Netflix acquired the rights to Money Heist shortly after it aired in Spain. They cut the episodes into twenty-two shorter segments. Part One dropped in December of 2017 and almost instantly, Money Heist became the most-watched, non-English series on Netflix. Money Heist also received tremendous critical praise. The show won Best Drama Series at the 46th International Emmy Awards. 

Netflix ordered a second season of the show just before it aired Part Two of season one in April of 2018. The second season spanned sixteen episodes, again split into two parts. The Bank of Spain became the new target for the Professor’s & Tokyo’s robbery. The season ended back in April of 2020, and fans have been dying for more ever since. 

Tying up loose ends

Earlier today, Netflix released the first teaser trailer for the final season of Money Heist. It looks every bit as good as fans have come to expect. Season 3 will continue to ratchet up the show’s tension, as the gang’s attempt to rob the Bank of Spain doesn’t pan out as they’d intended. 

At the outset of season three, the team has been trapped inside the bank for over one hundred hours. Outside the vault, the Professor has been captured by Sierra, and the Spanish army has been called in to save the bank. According to Netflix’s official synopsis, “What began as a robbery will turn into a war”. 

The entire cast of Money Heist is returning for the show’s final season. They will also be joined by two new faces, Miguel Ángel Silvestre and Patrick Criado, a Spanish Academy Award nominee. The pandemic may have caused a longer-than-usual wait for a new season, but fans won’t have to wait much longer to binge their way through the first half of the season. 

Will you be tuning in for the first half of Money Heist season three when it airs on September 3rd? Do you think the gang will make it out of this one alive? Let us know in the comments!

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