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Mondays are the ultimate drag. So how do we deal with them? With some of the best motivation Monday quotes on the internet! Is it Friday yet?

Monday is here! Put some motivation into your workweek with these quotes

Mondays are a huge drag, we all know this. For many of us, it’s the start of a new work week, an endless tunnel of despair where the bright light of Friday is nearly impossible to find. Our best efforts are far from kicking in, and our boss continues to stare at us through his office blinds as they ask themselves, “Why don’t they love their job as much as I do?” We’re right there with you . . . it’s gonna be a long one. 

However, one good way to help you get this lull other than coffee and long bathroom breaks are some awesome motivation Monday quotes, lifting up your spirit and inspiring you to achieve great things. Care to see some of our favorite motivation Monday quotes? Check them out! 

Robert Louis Stevenson

Ok, but what if we fear courage?

Frida Kahlo

Time to learn more about ourselves, we suppose. 

Your positive oasis

We guess being humble is the main aim here. Go attack that Monday!

Martin Luther King, Jr. 

The work week can be daunting. Try taking it one day at a time. 

Richard Branson

Mondays and Fridays are the notorious days best known for workplace failures. 

Michelle Obama

Women are powerful celebrations of inspiration, too. However, we seriously doubt they tolerate Mondays, either. We’re gonna need some better motivation Monday quotes to get us through this trek. 

Yoko Ono

Fair. But is our patience stronger than what we think?

Phil Jackson

The coach of the Chicago Bulls and LA Lakers always had the right motivation Monday quotes to get his team ready. 


What we love is lunch breaks, which already have plenty of beauty! 

Germany Kent

Set the tone for the rest of this week and fulfill these motivation Monday quotes!

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