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Is Harry Styles a married man? These heartbroken memes hope not

Could Harry Styles be a groom-to-be? His fans are hoping that this isn’t the case for their fave celeb crush. In recent days, paparazzi have snapped some adorable photos of the superstar on a yacht date in Italy with his girlfriend Olivia Wilde, and the internet is freaking out. Now there’s even a rumor swirling around thanks to a magazine cover that the two are engaged? 

While nothing has been confirmed yet, most people are denying such rumors. However, this isn’t stopping Twitter from making tons of memes about Harry Styles & Olivia Wilde. Let’s check out the funniest ones here. 

Why fans are freaking out

This was the magazine cover that started it all. Now, the storm is raging, and Twitter is going crazy with the Harry Styles memes. 

Close Twitter

Hey, you know what they say: out of sight, out of mind. . . 

Mourning process

Don’t be surprised to see that most of these memes about Harry Styles are from mourning fans who can’t help but feel heartbroken to see their celeb crush in a relationship. 

Making break-up playlists

Yes, a tragic heartbreak like this calls for some Olivia Rodrigo, of course. 


If Harry Styles really was getting married to Olivia Wilde, he at least better play this song at the wedding. 

Lucky Olivia

There are way too many heartbroken Harry Styles memes on the Twitter timeline right now. 


We need answers, and we need them as soon as possible!


This really is true pain. 

We get it!

Yes, they’re in love! No need to rub it in our faces!

The four stages

Kim Kardashian really is our whole mood right now. 

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