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Megan Fox & Machine Gun Kelly went on an ayahuasca journey in Costa Rica. Take a trip into their story about going to hell and back in Central America.

Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly went to hell after intense drug binge?

This week, pop culture’s quintessential millennial couple tore up headlines with a story fit for a rock star & leading lady. That’s right, folks – Machine Gun Kelly & Megan Fox were the subject of major buzz this week. The story shredding up headlines comes from a tale Megan Fox told on Jimmy Kimmel Live this week, and the bit wasn’t exactly typical talk show fare.

On Jimmy Kimmel this week, Megan Fox told audiences about a spiritual journey she & Machine Gun Kelly took while on vacation. The famous couple went on a guided psychedelic drug trip which left quite the impression on the two. Fox told her story to audiences this week, but in case you missed it, we have the breakdown for you.

Hall on Kimmel

On July 12th, Megan Fox made a visit to Jimmy Kimmel Live and spoke to guest host Arsenio Hall. The two spoke about Fox’s relationship to the outrageous young MGK and even about their outfit coordination. However, the subject of the chat soon turned to the actress’s trip to Costa Rica with MGK, and the wild experience the two shared there.

Megan Fox told Hall that she & Machine Gun Kelly went on a guided drug trip in the rainforests of Costa Rica, and the experience was anything but dull. She told fans she & MGK did ayahuasca in a group setting, and the experience seemed to be a lasting one in the famous couple’s minds.

Middle of the jungle

Megan Fox told Arsenio she wanted to have a real deal ayahuasca experience. What does that mean? Well, she means a guided experience with expert indigenous people in a group setting. As such, she & MGK had just this experience, and the setting was not what Fox expected.

Fox told Arsenio she had heard some serious A-listers (people “like LeBron James”) had done the drug in the location she & Machine Gun Kelly went to, so she expected perhaps a “glamping” experience in the woods. However, she told Hall the experience was anything but. She said the couple was in “the middle of the jungle”, couldn’t shower because of a local drought, and the famous celebs were essentially roughin’ it.


Furthermore, Megan told Arsenio the experience was not for the faint of heart. How so? Well she said before the trip got started, everyone had to drink a large amount of lemongrass tea. 

Doesn’t sound so bad? Well, she went on to explain that in order to start the experience, you have to drink enough tea until you vomit your stomach empty before taking the ayahuasca. She said it’s called the “vomitivo” portion of the trip. 

The barfing part of the journey sounds rough, but Megan explained the group she was with supported each other, and everyone was cheering each other on with each spew. But after blowing chunks, Megan told audiences the real trip began.

Hell & back

Megan Fox & Machine Gun Kelly tripped for three days on ayahuasca, and Megan says everyone’s journey is different, but theirs was incredibly intense. She says on the second day of her trip she went to “hell for eternity” which gave her a real “ego death”.

Megan Fox, however, is an endorser of the experience, calling the ayahuasca trip “a medicine that goes – it surpasses anything you could do with talk therapy or hypnotherapy, any of those things . . . it just goes straight into your soul”. Certainly sounds intense, and we’re happy for Fox for her newfound insight. Now, we’re just wondering what MGK thought about the whole thing.

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