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Machine Gun Kelly and Megan Fox are a wild couple. But just how dangerous is their relationship? Very, if you were to ask them. Check out how they play!

Why does Machine Gun Kelly keep talking about Megan Fox’s “deadly dates”?

We won’t call Machine Gun Kelly’s & Megan Fox’s relationship unhealthy, but rather abnormal. These two eccentric stars clearly like to play things a bit close to the chest when it comes to their relationship. Now, after a recent interview with Ellen last Wednesday, it is clear that Machine Gun Kelly is willing to move mountains for his girlfriend Megan Fox, heck, he’d probably jump off one too given their dating history. 

Machine Gun Kelly & Megan Fox, who first met on the set of Midnight in the Switchgrass last March which eventually halted production due to the current global pandemic, seemed to find an instant connection with one another. Their relationship was sealed once Megan Fox appeared in Machine Gun Kelly’s “My Bloody Valentine” music video last June. But just how “bloody” is their relationship? Quite a bit, actually. 

It was recently revealed that Machine Gun Kelly actually wears a necklace with a vial of Megan Fox’s blood in it, a way for the two to stay close even when she’s out of the country filming a project. Can you believe that this might be the least interesting thing about their relationship? Yeah, we’re shocked too, but given the recent interview Machine Gun Kelly had with Ellen, we now know that these two are a bit nuts.

Machine Gun Kelly’s dates from hell

Thirty-one year old Colson Baker, known to fans of Machine Gun Kelly, opened up in an interview last Wednesday with Ellen DeGeneres regarding his relationship with Transformers star Megan Fox. He even went as far as to admit the spontaneous and yet dangerous first few dates the couple went on, Including scaling a balcony just to stand on top of a rooftop, all while Megan Fox was in heels, Jurassic World style. 

“This is our first date, and that’s her climbing down off of a dangerous three-story balcony in heels,” Machine Gun Kelly noted while shown pictures of him helping Megan Fox down. “I saw this roof, and I was like, ‘I used to hang out there. I just want you to come and see my world for a minute.’”

“The door was locked, so we had to scaffold around the balcony — it was very dangerous,” he added. “I’m very glad she’s alive.” Machine Gun Kelly managed to top his own story when he noted how the two even swam with sharks without a cage while they vacationed in Bora Bora, giving in to Fox’s earthly instincts and opening himself up to new experiences regarding the things she loved. 

Megan Fox and MGK 

The thirty-four year old Megan Fox, who is perhaps best known for her work in the early Transformers films, first broke out onto the Hollywood scene with small supporting roles on programs such as Two and a Half Men and What I Like About You. Now, aside from an imaginary casting in a Bedazzled remake, we are not certain there’s too much more out there for Megan Fox outside of Netflix work and ASMR sexy voice recordings. 

That being said, she still has true love in Machine Gun Kelly, who has already released five studio albums and is continuing to grow in the acting field, having appeared in his good buddy Pete Davidson’s The King of Staten Island as well as Netflix’s Bird Box, which stars Sandra Bullock & Sarah Paulson. While it’s unclear what the future holds for these two daredevils, it’s nice to see that they own up to their romantic quirks.

What are your thoughts about Machine Gun Kelly & Megan Fox? Could you ever do some of these death-defying dates that this Hollywood couple has admitted to? What is your favorite Megan Fox performance, or perhaps your favorite song by Machine Gun Kelly? Comment below and let us know your thoughts.


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