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Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly are perfect for each other, as proved by the gifts they exchange. Read all about MGK's intensely romantic necklace!

Get the story behind Megan Fox’s bizarre gift for Machine Gun Kelly

Megan Fox & Machine Gun Kelly have the most intense connection in the world. The kind of relationship we love to watch from afar, but also the kind of relationship we’d honestly might not be strong enough for. These two adore each other, worship each other, and probably go to sleep handcuffed to each other. #NotQuiteRelationshipGoalsButCoolAnyway

We do wonder how the bond between Megan Fox & Machine Gun Kelly would’ve developed in a world where human interaction wasn’t limited by a global pandemic. Would the ability to hang out with a vast array of people – you know, like we used to – dilute the attention the couple have for each other? And will it matter if the world ever goes back to normal, or are they too far gone into each other’s souls?

Anyway, Machine Gun Kelly wears Megan Fox’s blood in a necklace. Do you even carry a photo of your significant other in your wallet these days?


We first learned of Machine Gun Kelly’s disturbingly romantic necklace when the rapper posted about it on Valentine’s Day. MGC took to Instagram to share a photo of a spherical vial that seemed to contain a drop of blood. The caption? “I wear your blood around my neck.”

Now, out of context, that’s a hell of a red flag. It’s the kind of plot point you find in an episode of Criminal Minds. But when you factor in we’re talking about Megan Fox & Machine Gun Kelly, then it’s just one more idiosyncratic expression of love between the two. Like quirky the poem Fox posted on her Instagram, as her own Valentine’s Day celebration. The one where she called MGC a “rehab barbie”.

So this is all just a healthy, loving gesture between two deeply committed adults. As Megan Fox has explained, she and Machine Gun Kelly are beyond being soulmates – they’re twin flames. Have you ever had a twin flame? Well, there you go. If you had, maybe you’d be wearing their blood around your neck.

Modern security blanket

The secret origin of the iconic “Megan Fox blood” necklace was finally revealed in a recent interview Machine Gun Kelly gave Ellen DeGeneres. Apparently, earlier in their relationship, Megan Fox had to go shoot a movie in Bulgaria and Machine Gun Kelly wasn’t going to be able to go with her. Color us shocked but it turns out the rapper, fully grown man that he is, did not have a passport. What?

Machine Gun Kelly confessed to Ellen, “She was going out to Bulgaria, and so I was kinda freaking out like, ‘You’re gonna leave and I can’t even come see you.” Megan Fox’s way to deal with this unexpected bout of clinginess (seriously, MGK, it was just a movie shoot) was to put a drop of her blood in a vial and give it to her panicking boyfriend. That seemed to do the trick.

Well, actually, what really did the trick was the divine intervention of Senator Bernie Sanders. Yup. Bernie must be a Machine Gun Kelly fan because, according to the rapper, the Vermont Senator did him a solid and helped him get a passport. So MGK was actually able to go to Bulgaria after all. And Bernie got his wings, we guess?

Big screen love

Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly have been an official couple (that is, they announced their relationship on Instagram) since last summer. The actress and the rapper met on the set of Midnight in the Switchgrass, an upcoming crime thriller based on the true story of the most dangerous serial killer in Texas.

While it’s unclear what role Machine Gun Kelly plays in the movie, we know Megan Fox plays an FBI agent partnered with a character played by Bruce Willis. Let’s just hope the film doesn’t try to sell us a romance between Willis & Fox. It’d be tough enough to buy on its own, but it’d be even worse with Megan Fox’s twin flame also being part of the production.

All joking aside, who wouldn’t wear Megan Fox’s blood around their neck if the actress offered it as a gift? Who wouldn’t give Megan Fox their blood to wear around her neck if she asked for it? You’re living your best life, Machine Gun Kelly. Keep it up!

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