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After his breakup with Ariana Grande, why exactly is Pete Davidson's net worth so low? Let's get into the numbers.

Why exactly is Pete Davidson’s net worth so low? Inside the numbers

Pete Davidson, the young prodigy from Saturday Night Live, took the comedy world by storm when he became one of the youngest cast members in the show’s 40th season. He graced the iconic stage for a commendable eight seasons from 2014 to 2022.

 But it wasn’t just his humor that caught the attention of the world. His high-profile romances with stars like Ariana Grande, Cazzie David, and Kim Kardashian became tabloid favorites.

2016 was a special year for Davidson. He showcased his heart of gold by purchasing a $1.3 million home for his mother on Staten Island. By December 2020, he treated himself to a chic $1.2 million condo, just a stone’s throw from his mom’s place. But, by 2022, Davidson had new living plans in sight. After listing his condo for sale, he made the shift to a luxurious $30,000-per-month loft in Brooklyn.

How does all of that contribute to his net worth? Let’s dive into Pete Davidson’s net worth and see if its a net worth becoming of a future beyond the SNL stage.

Hollywood Beckons

Davidson’s talent couldn’t be contained within the four walls of SNL. He teamed up with Judd Apatow in 2020 to release a semi-autobiographical film, The King of Staten Island, not only co-writing but also playing the lead role. The movie gave fans a deeper glimpse into Davidson’s life, blending humor with raw, personal experiences.

When Saturday Night Live opened its Season 49 premiere, Davidson was the face the audience first saw. Instead of the usual sketch, the episode started with Davidson addressing heart-wrenching events from Israel and Gaza. Drawing parallels with his own personal tragedy, he spoke about the impact of such images and stories on him, recalling how after the loss of his father, humor became his refuge.

Davidson’s emotional monologue was followed by sketches that took a lighter turn, exploring the Taylor Swift/NFL frenzy, complete with a cameo by NFL star Travis Kelce and a surprise appearance by Swift herself to introduce musical guest, Ice Spice.

The episode marked Davidson’s first hosting gig on SNL since his departure as a cast member in 2022. But even away from the SNL stage, Davidson kept busy with projects, including starring in the recently released movie Dumb Money.

Still the Talk of the Town

While Davidson’s journey is certainly noteworthy, Saturday Night Live continues to be a major TV sensation, especially among the 18-49 demographic. With its 50th season on the horizon, NBCUniversal is already gearing up for grand celebrations, including retrospectives and a documentary chronicling the show’s incredible run.

As SNL approaches its monumental anniversary, it’s clear that the show has not only been a launchpad for talented artists like Davidson but also remains a cornerstone in the world of entertainment. Will the 50th season of SNL be its biggest and best yet? 

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