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Get ready to laugh out loud at these hilarious 'Love is Blind' memes showing the viewers' high-key emotional journey with Shayne Jansen!

All the cringiest memes about ‘Love Is Blind’ season 2 so far

The only thing more popular than Netflix’s Love is Blind are the memes it’s inspired. The reality dating show follows thirty contestants trying to find true love beyond physical attraction. Yet, Shayne Jansen has the looks and he certainly has the abs.

However, Jansen has also had the uncanny ability to get fans all up in their feelings. At first, they thought he was the annoying f-ckboi. Over time, though, like Gi-hun dying his hair a very loud red in Squid Game, he started growing on them.

Sure, he freaked out one time because he apparently sucks at baseball. Also, he requested mac & cheese, a cape, and an Old Fashion fountain at his wedding. How could the fans have possibly let him into their hearts? These Love is Blind memes show the fans’ emotional journey with everyone’s favorite man-child.

F-ckboi be gone!

They wanted Natalie Lee far away from him at first.

Temper temper

His baseball freakout certainly didn’t help.

Mr. Red Flag

They didn’t trust him at all.

Be quiet

He was just as annoying to castmates like Iyanna.

Plot twist

Then things took a turn for the better.

Falling in love

Fans started finding him endearing.

Face for memes

His hilarious reactions certainly helped.

Unexpected wisdom

Fans were shocked when he actually helped other castmates.

Coming out

Soon fans couldn’t wait to claim Shayne as their new fave.

Caveman babe

Let’s just say he’s officially on their good side.

What are your favorite Love is Blind memes? Have you been converted into a Shayne fan? Or do you still think he’s the worst? Let us know in the comments below!

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