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What happens when Dollar Tree starts selling products for more than a dollar? Apparently, the internet creates iconic memes, check them out here!

Not-so Dollar Tree: The funniest memes about the price hike

A price spike in the middle of a pandemic? It’s more likely than you think. Dollar Tree is raising its prices to $1.25 and people are confused, to say the least. How can a store with the word ‘dollar’ in its name no longer sell items for a dollar? 

Starting in 1986, the popular discount store sells a variety of goods on the low low. Some stores sell cards for special occasions, while others stores even sell food. Although, one should probably think twice before buying Dollar Tree produce. Just saying.

As usual, people took to Twitter to hilariously vent their frustrations at the chain store foolery. They’re citing inflation, but the Dollar Tree memes say otherwise. Looks like corporate greed has struck again.

If you can’t afford to open your purse, then open your phone and get into these hilarious Dollar Tree memes!


A few angry customers outside have something to say.

Sticky fingers

Stealing is wrong but laughing at tweets about stealing is self-care.

Two Dollar Tree

When will the madness end?


When in doubt, just blame President Biden.

Pure chaos

Customers are gonna be pissed.


Maybe it’s time for a total re-branding.

Now hold on

It doesn’t make any sense.

It’s a lot

Give the people a break.

Bad timing

A price spike before the holidays is just rude.

 Dollar Tree employees

Let’s give it up for the real victims.

Dollar Tree is no longer selling items for a dollar. Gas prices are going up. Student loan repayments are starting again soon. At least the people can still be thankful for Dollar Tree memes.

What do you think about the Dollar Tree price spike? Have you been venting on Twitter? What are your favorite Dollar Tree memes? Let us know in the comments below!

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