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'Selling Sunset' star Davina Potratz dropped some major hints that there will be some changes at the Oppenheim Group after season 3. Here's what we know.

Who’s leaving the show after ‘Selling Sunset’ season 3?

Selling Sunset star Davina Potratz dropped some major hints that there will be some changes at the Oppenheim Group in the fourth season of the Netflix reality show. Potratz’s colleague and co-star Christine Quinn recently let it be known that Brett Oppenheim has departed the luxurious real estate business he owned with his twin brother Jason, to start his own firm.

The question is, will any of the Oppenheim group staff follow him out the door?

Winds of change

“Going into season 4, I think it’s going to be really interesting,” Quinn said in an August interview with Entertainment Tonight. “And also the dynamics are going to be changing. You know Davina is a broker. Brett has left the brokerage and started his own firm. I mean, there’s a lot of chess pieces waiting to be moved across the board, so I think it’s going to be the most interesting season we ever will have – if it happens.”

Davina Potratz revealed that there’s always a possibility things could change further in the firm’s office. “I don’t know if anyone would join him [Brett]. But, yeah who knows everything could be changed tomorrow so we don’t know,” she stated.

Possibility for Potratz

Potratz added that she “would consider” quitting herself to set up her own firm but said that she has no plans to do so just yet, explaining that she doesn’t have the time to dedicate herself to a brand new business at the moment.

“I would consider it,” Potratz mused about possibly starting her own business. “But I don’t know if I’m gonna do that for sure because it’s also a lot of work to set up an office and it’s a lot of responsibility and liability taking on all this insurance and build up a new website and, honestly, I don’t have time right now.”

Miami bound . . . 

Brett’s new office might not be the only change on the horizon. In the Selling Sunset season 3, Maya Vander seemed uncomfortable with the favoritism at the brokerage. She objected when her boss, Jason Oppenheim, gave his ex-girlfriend cum co-star Mary Fitzgerald any listing. Towards the end of the series, she asked Jason, if he would want to set up an office in Miami, Florida, and have an agent there. 

Vander certainly has an important reason to relocate to Miami. Since season one of Selling Sunset, she has flown back and forth from Florida, where her husband works. With the second baby’s arrival, she could be planning on living with her husband permanently. “I think Miami has the sexiness and the luxury,” Vander stated. “You know L.A. shows very well, and I think Miami can show well, as well.”

At one point, Vander said, “My goal is to stay in Miami unless I have a client that’s worth me to fly for a day or two to do showings and stuff like that. I’m trying to just stay put in Miami, that’s the goal.” 

Oppenheim times two

Brett’s twin brother Jason Oppenheim is the president & founder of The Oppenheim Group. Brett served as the senior vice president of the brokerage, despite having a similar background with his brother in real estate & law. Brett Oppenheim now operates the similarly named Oppenheim Real Estate brokerage, and his name has been removed from the Oppenheim Group’s website. 

But if you’re worried there’s been a rift between the twin brothers, don’t be. Davina also spilled on the state of the relationship between the Oppenheim brothers and it sounds like there’s no major family drama going on.

Brothers to the end

“They’re very close and, you know,” Potratz continued. “I think for them individually it’s good for them to have their own businesses and come and do their own thing so they don’t have to argue about what to do because what if one wants to do it this way and the other wants to do it that way.”

While it’s unclear why Brett left The Oppenheim Group, it seems the two brothers are on good terms. Earlier in August, Brett shared a photo of him and Jason working out together on Instagram. As this business change wasn’t a part of Selling Sunset season 3, we’ll look forward to learning more in season 4.

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