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Jenna Marbles is known as the Queen of YouTube and that hasn’t changed even after her indefinite hiatus. Join us as we look back at her career.

Twitter misses YouTuber Jenna Marbles: The saddest reactions

Jenna Marbles is known as the Queen of YouTube and that hasn’t changed even after her indefinite hiatus. It’s been nine months since she’s uploaded a video on her channel and fans everywhere are in mourning.

Could Jenna Marbles ever return to the video-sharing platform? Twitter users join together and collectively honor the YouTuber. Here are the saddest and most relatable reactions. 

YouTube is dead

Wednesday & Thursday are back to being boring days of the week. Without Jenna Marbles, YouTube will never be the same. 

Tears keep falling

We want to be tall and we want Jenna Marbles back. When #JennaMarbles was trending, fans began freaking out. Could we really be looking at a Marbles return?

Jenna’s toothbrush

What’s an iconic Jenna Marbles video? All of them. Particularly, her Halloween costume videos have us in stitches. 

We miss you, beech!

Girl, come back and save us from our lockdown blues. Despite her troublesome past, the YouTuber uploaded a sincere apology video, unlike other influencers who still continue to make content. (James Charles, Jeffree Star, and David Dobrik . . . do we need to continue?)

Queen of the green screen

YouTuber Jenna Marbles has provided many hilarious moments including when she became a green screen. (BRB, just going to watch more videos!)

Nasty Kermit

Jenna Marbles’s dogs are iconic. Luckily, we have her boyfriend Julien Solomita still uploading on YouTube and giving us glimpses of his canines. 

Apology videos

You can’t compare the topics of the apology videos, but this does show just how much Jenna cared and how little some other creators do. #BringJennaMarblesBack!

Wanda is sad!

Even Wanda Maximoff is shedding tears for our beloved YouTuber being gone for nine months. We’re in mourning!

We’re all living the same lives, huh?

Rewatching the same Jenna Marbles video for the 10th time? Absolutely. Do we care? No, beech!

Marbles mayhem

We miss Jenna’s YouTube videos and we also miss the Jenna & Julien podcast! Why can’t we just be happy? YouTube is dying and Jenna Marbles leaving is no coincidence. 

Take a moment of silence to honor this iconic song and everything it represents. “I Wanna be Tall” by Jenna Marbles. An iconic masterpiece. 

Let us know your favorite Jenna Marbles moment over her YouTube career in the comments!

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