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James Charles has somehow been able to keep thriving online. Is the cancellation writing on the wall? These memes say "yes".

Will James Charles get cancelled? These hilarious memes say “yes”

With David Dobrik & The Vlog Squad stuck in the middle of an ongoing cancellation, other problematic influencers might find themselves looking at social media backlash as well. One of those controversial personalities is James Charles, the beauty YouTuber & makeup artist with more than a few unsavory allegations under his belt. Charles is also the star of countless memes, positive & negative.

So far, James Charles has somehow been able to keep thriving online despite having been accused of grooming underage fans. But you know how the internet goes, they can turn on you in a second – especially if they’ve already succeeded at making David Dobrik cry. With that in mind, let’s look at recent tweets and memes regarding James Charles. Is the cancellation writing on the wall?

Never forget

The story about James Charles texting inappropriately with a minor is not that old, though it may feel ancient in internet-time. We need reminders now & then.

In bad company

Not a good look for James Charles when memes start grouping him with David Dobrik & the Lopez Brothers. Not a good look for any of them, really.

Getting legal

It might be too soon to say David Dobrik lost “everything” – though he’s certainly lost a lot of sponsors. That said, this Twitter user went as far as looking up the definition of “Federal Sexting Crimes”, just for you, James Charles.

When you put it like that . . .

Yikes. This David Dobrik catastrophe has really fired up some brutal James Charles memes, hasn’t it? Might not be too long before other James Charles associates start being called out for supporting him.

Teenage textland

Okay, yeah, except we’re pretty sure James Charles doesn’t use a flip phone.

Sincerely, David Dobrik

This post doesn’t even end there. The thread goes on to call out Jeffree Star too. Told ya, they’re going down.


Not all James Charles memes are about anger and calls for justice. Some are simply about heartbreak. For some people, this is like finding out Santa Claus isn’t real. Or rather, like finding out Santa Claus texts nudes to underage fans.

No sympathy

Most opinions referencing the David Dobrik situation try to make it clear they don’t support the Vlog Squad or their leader – they just think James Charles should go down as well.


Then again, some James Charles memes are there simply to express a lack of faith in the online community as a whole.

Clear conscience

Are you telling us it’s possible to be aware of all these influencer-related scandals without having given any of them a dime? Mind. Blown.

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