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James Charles releases *another* not-apology apology video. Scream with Twitter over the frustration of him not being cancelled yet.

Did James Charles groom minors? Twitter users react to his video

James Charles is like a cockroach. People keep trying to cancel him, end his career, or get anyone to do anything about his shady behavior, but he keeps popping up over & over again. Nothing can kill him, not even with people trying to make sure his career has been nuked once & for all on Twitter. He even admitted to messaging underage boys, which is creepy AF, and nothing has happened.

Seriously, can no one open some kind of investigation in James Charles? Can Twitter finally be rid of him once & for all? He admitted to messaging underage boys and nothing? No word of an investigation? Because that is highly suspicious! Possibly illegal depending on what happened! Like, yikes world, why can’t you actually do something right for once.

Anyway, James Charles tried to explain the situation in a video. Instead, the vast majority of people are even angrier at him and want something to be done. So here is a collection of people on Twitter who want James Charles held to some kind of account. 

You tell him, girl! 

Dua Lipa is a good egg.

Louder for the people in the back

If James Charles is doing creepy behavior with minors, then he definitely doesn’t deserve anything except jail time or to be kicked to the curb.


James Charles keeps on lying and people keep giving him a free pass.

Louder for the people in the back

Being! A! Pedo! Is! Not! A! Mistake! 

Same crime, same time

James Charles deserves exactly what happened to Austin Jones because the two did the exact same thing. We want to know why nothing has happened.

Someone press charges

The police definitely need to be involved. It’s not “desperate”. This is predatory behavior.


Don’t fall for his victim blaming excuses when he refuses to take responsibility for his own actions.

Slam him, Twitter.

If you’re so “desperate”, then maybe you just don’t belong in human society anymore, James Charles.

Keep the same energy

Seriously. You got rid of Shane Dawson. Get rid of James Charles. Get rid of every creepy YouTuber that’s a terrible person.

Garbage is as garbage does

He admitted to it! It’s game over! It’s game over! Just let 2021 be the end of James Charles because he made his bed.

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