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Headlines lit up this week when one of NXIVM’s members was sentenced for her crimes. How has India Oxenberg reacted to Allison Mack's sentence?

How did ex-NXIVM member India Oxenberg react to Allison Mack’s sentencing?

Will we remember the viral TV series of 2020 as “COVID shows”? If so, the documentaries detailing the NXIVM cult will surely be at the top of the list. HBO’s The Vow and Starz’s Seduced: Inside the NXIVM Cult captivated audiences with the stranger-than-fiction story of Keith Raniere’s cult in Albany. Now, the plot thickens with real-life court proceedings.

Headlines lit up this week when one of NXIVM’s biggest personalities was sentenced for her crimes. In many ways, Allison Mack appeared to be Keith Raniere’s right-hand woman, helping him coerce women into the cult, which left several members with permanent brands. Now, she’s reaped what she sowed, and the public wonders how some of NXIVM’s former key players feel about the ruling. Here’s what we found.

Allison Mack

For anyone who didn’t become obsessive about NXIVM after the two viral series dropped in late summer & early fall 2020 (whoever you are), Allison Mack was one of the big fish in the NXIVM cult.

If her name sounds familiar, it’s because she used to play Chloe Sullivan on Smallville back in the day. The Vow & Seduced detail how many believe her notoriety & background in Hollywood helped legitimize Raniere and build his cult of personality.

Furthermore, Seduced, which looks at the NXIVM story through the experience of India Oxenberg, alleges Mack was the head of the subset operation of NXIVM which left many of the cult’s women with permanent brands. Because of the severity of her actions involving the cult, Mack faced heavy punishment from the courts.

People reported Mack was facing between fourteen & seventeen and a half years by a federal court for her crimes. Considering what she faced, we imagine Mack is pleased with her final sentence of three years in prison and a $20,000 fine. But what do her victims have to say about the judge’s ruling?

India Oxenberg

The Hollywood Reporter told its readers on Wednesday India Oxenberg has released a statement regarding Allison Mack’s sentencing

Oxenberg was still in NXIVM when The Vow was being filmed, as her mother former Dynasty star Catherine Oxenberg relentlessly tried to pull her out. Catherine eventually succeeded and India made her way out of Raniere’s clutches, being one of the most outspoken victims after enduring some of the cult’s worst crimes.

India is quoted telling The Hollywood Reporter “I’m still in a state of disbelief, but I trust and honor the judge’s decision. I hope that her victims, including myself, feel vindicated and safer, given that she has denounced Keith Raniere. We all need time to process and digest everything. This is a big moment for all of us”.


India’s mother Catherine Oxenberg told THR “I concur with everything India said. I do believe people deserve a second chance, and Allison has shown remorse for her actions”. 

India & Catherine Oxenberg seem to have some sympathy for Allison Mack – after all, many believe everyone in NXIVM was ultimately a victim of Keith Raniere, even those who caused so much damage to others inside the cult. Some wonder how Raniere’s sentence compares to Mack’s.

While Allison Mack will serve three years behind bars, Keith Raniere was sentenced to 120 years in prison back in October 2020. India Oxenberg seemed to show far less sympathy for Raniere after his sentencing, telling THR she “knows he’s a sociopath” and feels no remorse for the damage he has done to the many women involved in NXIVM. Raniere is being held at the Tucson Federal Correctional Complex in Arizona.

Do you think Allison Mack got off easy? Sound off in the comments below! 

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