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Is Hunter Schafer in a relationship with this ‘Euphoria’ costar?

Despite the successful second season of HBO’s teen drama Euphoria being concluded, the offscreen intrigue only seems to be growing. Recent social media activity has led fans to wonder if actress Hunter Schafer is in a relationship. Judging by Schafer’s Instagram stories of late, it would appear that she’s been getting close with one of her Euphoria costars.

But who is Hunter Schafer in a relationship with? One needn’t look any further than Dominic Fike, who portrayed Elliot, a new addition to Euphoria’s ensemble this past season. The twenty-three-year-old Schafer, who has risen to prominence for her portrayal as Jules over the past two seasons, posted a photo of Fike on Tuesday, March 8th. 

In the photo, the twenty-six-year-old singer-turned-actor Dominic Fike holds up a couple of deserts that the newly minted couple appears to be ready to dig into. Hunter even added a bee emoji, perhaps to mean that Dominic is sweet like honey. However, is Hunter Schafer in a serious relationship with Dominic Fike? Keep reading to find out.

Behind the scenes romance

While most Euphoria fans were merely excited for the excellent performances delivered by Schafer & Fike, the pandemonium was increased when there were dating rumors. The speculation started when Dominic & Hunter were snapped by paparazzi as they held hands while leaving West Hollywood haunts Craig’s & The Nice Guy in January.

The hype around this budding relationship reached tectonic levels when Fike posted a photo of him & Schafer smooching to Instagram in February. Fans lost their minds, as one commented, “DOMINIC FIKE AND HUNTER SCHAFER ARE SO FCKING CUTE.” Another follower wrote, “Am I screaming ??? ‘YES’ Dominic Fike & Hunter Schafer deserve all the love in this world.”

Even though Schafer & Fike have each not spoken publicly about their romance, they aren’t the only Euphoria-related relationship in the news. Zendaya, who stars as Rue, has been in a much-publicized relationship with Spider-Man partner Tom Holland. Zendaya has even spoken about having Holland appear on Euphoria as an extra.

The twenty-five-year-old Euphoria lead, also known by her full name Zendaya Maree Stoermer Coleman, told E! NewsDaily Pop, “I mean, listen, like, we’ve talked about it all the time.” She continued, “We’re like, ‘Let’s just sneak him in the back of a shot or something!” However, Zendaya, Hunter Schafer, and Dominic Fike aren’t the only ones finding love.

All is fair in love & Euphoria 

There are other members of the Euphoria cast who are settling into relationships. A source recently confirmed to E! News that Sydney Sweeney, who’s made her mark as Cassie, is reportedly engaged to restauranteur Jonathan Davino. The insider claims that, “They’re very cute and happy together.”

Despite all of these Euphoria actors linking up with love interests, the couple in the spotlight, for now, seems to be Hunter Schafer & Dominic Fike. If the pair stays together, they’d make one extremely talented twosome. Hunter Schafer has become a prominent public figure in recent years, not just for her acting prowess.

Before Schafer made her acting debut in 2019 with Euphoria’s first season, she was an acclaimed fashion model. In 2017, Teen Vogue listed Schafer on its “21 Under 21” list. Not only is Hunter striking & talented, but she stands up for what she believes in. Schafer is an outspoken LGBTQ rights activist who has fought against the North Carolina Public Facilities Privacy & Security Act.

Dominic Fike has also made a name for himself in pop culture. Before acting in Euphoria season two, Fike became a popular recording artist & performer, with radio hits like “3 Nights.” Fike has been associated with the boy band Brockhampton and even recorded a cover of Paul McCartney’s “The Kiss of Venus” for McCartney III Imagined.

Who is Hunter Schafer in a relationship with? Turns out the Euphoria star has hooked up with her castmate Dominic Fike. What do you think about this new love? Let us know in the comments!

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