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Hunter Biden is passing through tax-related problems. Recently, ex-girlfriend Zoe Kestan testified in front of a jury. What's next for the president's son?

Has Hunter Biden’s ex-girlfriend just revealed he’s a criminal?

In an age when political figures are facing mounting public scrutiny, their children are no exception. President Joe Biden’s son Hunter is facing a grand jury looking into his taxes, and there might have just been a big break in the case. The jury recently heard five hours of secret testimony from Hunter Biden’s scorned ex-girlfriend. 

The ex-girlfriend, twenty-eight-year-old Zoe Kestan, appeared before the court on Tuesday in Wilmington, Delaware. Kestan is allegedly upset that Hunter Biden dumped her after she’d pleaded with him to get clean from drugs. Kestan apparently took the witness stand after a former stripper with whom Biden has an out-of-wedlock child testified.

As President Joe Biden faces mounting pressure in dealing with the Ukraine crisis, his son Hunter is facing turmoil of his own. Biden, a fifty-two-year-old lawyer & painter, has been known to live a lavish lifestyle. Kestan, a lingerie & textile designer, may have just revealed to a grand jury just how deep Hunter Biden’s problems go.

Kestan speaks out

Zoe Kestan, who is known to use the online handle, “weed slut 420,” was questioned regarding Hunter Biden’s comings & goings in 2018. This question was related to a probe into Biden’s spending habits when he & Kestan were seen attending art show openings & parties on Manhattan’s Lower East Side.

Specifically, Kestan was asked what hotels Biden stayed at, as well as whether or not she knew about his finances. Hunter Biden’s ex-girlfriend admitted that the two of them stayed at ritzy hotels together. These included the Four Seasons, Mercer, SIXTY SoHo, and Soho Grand hotels in Manhattan. 

Hunter Biden’s splurging on accommodations wasn’t limited to New York. The pair also stayed at the Hollywood Roosevelt, NoMad, and Jeremy West Hollywood in Los Angeles. Kestan even disclosed that she & Biden spent a month staying at the legendary celebrity haunt the Chateau Marmont, where John Belushi infamously overdosed in 1982.

The Chateau Marmont is also where Hunter Biden said he, “learned to cook crack,” before eventually being banned over incidents tied to his drug abuse. This occurred over a five-month timespan in 2018, which Biden disclosed in his 2021 memoir “Beautiful Things.” Even though Hunter Biden has been open about his demons, his ex-girlfriend went further.

Hunter the high-roller

Zoe Kestan told the grand jury that Hunter Biden had ordered her to take out, “thousands of dollars at a time,” from ATMs. Biden allegedly gave Kestan this money so she could purchase clothing, meals, and other things. However, Kestan claimed she had no idea how Biden came into this cash. 

Hunter Biden never wrote about his relationship with his ex-girlfriend Kestan in his memoir. Despite this, a forty-eight-minute-long audio recording of them talking was leaked on the web in October 2021. Even though the source of the recording is unknown, it seems to merge two separate conversations between Kestan & Biden. 

Kestan, who’s about as old as Hunter Biden’s oldest daughter, said in the audio that, “one of my flaws, one of my devilish sides, is that I like to talk about things like you because I like to show off. Duh.” Kestan continued in the recording, “Do you think that the night we had sex I wasn’t texting like three people being like: I’m lying in bed with this incredible man?”

Kestan was subpoenaed to testify by federal agents who found her in her apartment in New York City. They claimed that her name had appeared while they were investigating Hunter Biden. In December 2020, Biden spoke out publicly that federal prosecutors in Delaware were looking into his tax affairs. Biden admitted he was cooperating yet didn’t seek a plea deal.

Hunter Biden’s ex-girlfriend Zoe Kestan recently testified in front of a grand jury regarding Biden’s tax affairs. Her testimony revealed that Biden could be hiding more than we think. What do you think of the Hunter Biden scandal? Let us know in the comments.

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