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When 2020 hit "Then and Now" posts became a thing of the past. Here are the funniest “How it started, How it’s going” memes we’ve seen on Twitter.

“How it started, how it’s going”: The most hilarious Twitter memes

Hey, how’s it going? Not so great because 2020? Understandable. One thing that happens to be doing pretty well though, is the “How it started, How it’s going” Twitter meme. You’ve probably already seen a bunch on numerous social media platforms. As is typical with a quip that’s gained quality chuckle speed, the meme went viral. 

Essentially, what started as a cute “Then and Now” post for couples who wanted to celebrate wedding and birth events turned into a funny way for people to laugh at how single they still are. The Twitter meme has since taken on many iterations and people have taken it out of its relationship context to laugh at various things that have not gone as planned. 

The parody version of the “Then and Now” post is almost always less sweet but also so much more hilarious. Twitter’s going crazy for it and so are we. Here are the funniest “How it started, How it’s going” memes we’ve seen on Twitter. 

Woo-hoo! A new year! 

Actually, can we go back to the old one? We never thought we’d say this, but yeah, 2020, you’ve been a crap shoot. 


The next time you go on a family trip and think nothing could be worse than what you’re experiencing – remember, it could indeed be worse. 

Hahahahaha – no. 

When you think you made a good joke but she salty. 

Listen, they tried. 

It’s not their fault Twitter is so much more interesting. 

It started out so beautifully. . . .

. . . but ended so illegibly. Hopefully the prof is so impressed by the first half that they assumed the second half is equally genius. 

Rub my tummy, says every cat in existence 

But also I’m going to punish you for it. How dare you indulge my whims. 

Cheer up 

If nothing else your life is consistent. No curve balls headed your way. That’s a good thing, right? 

Aw, now this one’s nice 

Dreams do come true. 

Oh, how the tides have changed 

Pup’s all grown up! 

A sweet rescue story 

Not all “How It Started, How It’s Going” memes are bitter. Some are syrupy sweet. 


You know it’s bad when you’re left on “read”.  

Sometimes your night out turns into a night in 

Throwing up in the toilet, that is. 

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