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Needing a good chuckle? Feed on these dark humor memes to satisfy your hunger for evil.

Laugh it up with these dark humor memes while you burn in hell

Who doesn’t like chuckling over an inappropriate joke? A dank meme at the right time, an illicit guffaw, the thrill of laughing at something completely indecorous. Maybe we like to think we’re greater than whatever the dark forces are, as writer Wylie Sypher said, “to be able to laugh at evil and error means we have surmounted them.”

Whatever be the case, it’s a good idea to feed on some dark humor jokes every now & then. Here’s a quota for today.

It’s the most wonderful time of the year

We’re not talking about Christmas, though. For the kind of year 2020 has been so far, Halloween is befittingly the most wonderful time of the year. So it’s only reasonable to wonder what idiot called it a randomized clinical trial controlled with placebo and not trick or treatment. 

Honestly, we’d kill for a good pun, but making this joke while clinical trials is what our life’s normalcy is dependent on seems highly nasty. 

Who’s that girl? It’s Jess

It’s no secret now that the Fox TV show New Girl is getting a new life as we go through a pandemic. People are falling in love with the comedic timing of the show, the inane jokes, and the shenanigans that the roommates pull off in each episode. Turns out, we’re paying renewed attention to dark jokes we lit slip through the cracks in our first watch. 

Schmidt is a major culprit – his douchebag jar should explain why that is so – and his dark jokes hit it out of the park. In this case, they hit it in the park. So when Nick is trying to stall Jess before giving her the grand birthday surprise, he finds himself at a loss of activities to do in a park. Schmidt’s answer . . . suicide. Very, very dark indeed. 

It is also reminiscent of the time Schmidt asked Jess if she had sex. When she replied, “No, the opposite,” he replied as he believed it, “The opposite? So you gave birth to him?” It’s a great joke & delivery, but the expression of disbelief on his face is a truly genuine one. 

We’re all just recovering from birth

You can argue it’s called living, but if you’ve truly lived, you’re very likely severely damaged. Bojack agrees. What would you expect from an animated show about a washed-up TV star from the 90s trying like hell to revive his career but failing grandly in all his attempts?

The show, Bojack Horseman, takes a headfirst dive into existential angst every now & then. But it also deals with the larger themes of mental health, trauma, grief, and the like. In the process, it delivers many running gags, hilarious anthropomorphic characters, and solid one-liners like this one. 

Women intimidate men

More dank than dark, this kind of humor is right up our sleeve. If you’re also thinking of a Halloween costume that packs a punch, steal this idea. The only witch wisdom is that men can’t handle successful women.

World Mental Health Day’s just ‘round the corner

Mental health is the new buzzword. Everyone is cashing in on the opportunity. So in the same breath, as the world gets together in panels, webinars, seminars, conferences, events, goodies to talk about how much our mental health matters, capitalism will be out to get you. 

As with healthcare in general, public funding support is next to nil. So we will have combated the stigma around mental illness and generated sufficient awareness about how everyone should go to therapy, but as long as the government fails to provide the resources, there will be no therapists to go to, only queues. 

In that vein, it seems pretty dark that a government will cash in on the trending hashtag for the day, but not take steps that would actually make a difference.

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