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What’s better to help your health? Laughter. So let’s bring on the memes, shall we? Here are some hilarious recovery memes.

The funniest recovery memes to keep you laughing in these dark times

Recovery means different things to different people. There’s recovery from COVID-19. There’s recovery from a mental health problem. There’s recovery from addiction. There are recovery memes for all of the above categories. 

So we couldn’t exactly pick on one section to focus on here as we gathered these quality memes from all corners of the internet. Instead, we got a little bit of everything.

Whether you are recovering from the global pandemic or from a mental illness or addiction, these recovery memes are here to make you laugh in equal measure. Recovery is a process. One that feels neverending, but it’s a needed one to life your best and healthiest life. What’s better to help your health? Laughter. So let’s bring on the memes, shall we? 

1. Please stop traveling

Across the world, people suffering or recovering from COVID-19 are begging you to stop traveling. Please. 

2. Nature is healing

Is nature really in recovery because of lockdowns? We’re not so sure. It takes more than that. 

3. Staaaaaaaaaahp

For the love of everything good in the world, just stop and let recovery actually happen. The U.S. is still struggling. Make it stop. 

4. Bro

Maybe your mental health will feel better if you get some help, you know? That tends to be how it goes. 

5. Sigh

Usually, this means it’s time to find a new counselor. Always fun. 

6. That’s a lot of pressure

Being a role model for recovery is terrifying, and so much pressure. So like don’t be offended if we freak out a little bit. 

7. It’s a complicated process

In the end, what a person in recovery needs is support and understanding. That’s pretty much it is.

8. Y-i-k-e-s

Those old toxic coping mechanisms are just not a good look, huh? 

9. Recovery from different angles

As long as you put in the work, have solid support, and get the help you need, then things definitely will get better. Even if you feel like you’re banging your head against the wall half the time. 

10. You can do it!

Even if you didn’t think you could get this far, you did! You got this! 

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