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Used to Disney always being happy & wholesome? Check out the darker side of Disney with these dark humor jokes from Disney shows.

Disney shows: All the dark humor jokes you missed as a kid

Disney has a carefully crafted reputation for wholesomeness and the being the happiest company on Earth. It’s full of fairy tales and good humor, but what about the darker side of Disney? In both film and television shows, there’s been plenty of dark and dirty jokes to make the adults in the audience wheeze while the kids are just confused. So what are the funniest bits of dark humor from Disney shows?

Well, here we are! To look at all the darkest and dirtiest jokes that have slipped passed the censors to appear on the various Disney shows over the years. So if you’re ready to have your childhood rocked in a big way, then get ready to laugh. Because chances are that this sort of humor went right over your head when you were a kid. Here are some of our favorites. 

Kim Possible

Kim Possible had a handful of jokes that could get a little risqué from time to time. Wow, the show still holds up almost two decades later. But while there were some interesting jokes going on, we tend to like the ones that were a little more direct. When confronting a villain called Frugal Lucre (AKA Francis Lurman), Kim said the line, “Alright, Lucre, cough up the sausages!”

Dang Lucre, you must have one heck of a gag reflex. Ron then replies with, “Ew, rephrase please.” Sometimes, lines just sound better in your head than out loud where people can hear. 

The Suite Life of Zack and Cody

Before Cole Sprouse had his famous “weirdo” speech over on Riverdale, he was cracking some wild jokes with his bro, Dylan, over on The Suite Life of Zack and Cody. This one has to do with the “birds and the bees” aka the sex talk. It’s actually a two-part joke with Zack telling Esteban that his Dad already gave him that talk. Which, oh, cringe moment for everyone who had to sit through that.

The second part comes later when Cody beats Zack in getting the perfect gift for Maddie. He, shockingly, listened to what she wanted and got her the correct gift based on that wild concept. Zack said he listened, but Cody replied with, “Staring at her, thinking about that talk we had with Dad.

Boy Meets World

Boys Meets World was less of a Disney Channel show, but it was ABC and people tend to associate it with the Disney Channel overall. So, yes, it falls under the umbrella, even with the excellent yet short-lived Girl Meets World. Anyway! The series had several great jokes over the years. Our favorite dark humor moments came from the Halloween episode, “And Then There Was Shawn” which saw a killer picking off the cast.

The whole episode is dark and hilarious all at once. From the excellent death scenes to the horror movie homages, it’s an episode to watch during the spooky season. One that you have to applaud for the sheer detail and fun that everyone sees to be having. It’s hard to pick one joke from the episode, which it’s all a great marvel of dark humor. 

That’s So Raven

The sucky thing about getting psychic visions about the future is that poor Raven doesn’t get all of the information, you know? So when she sees her besties Chelsea and Eddie looking like they’re about to kiss, she immediately confronts them over the information. And, oh, this is less dark and more blue-ish humor? Because she then insuates that they’re going to have public sex!

It turns about that they were just practicing salsa dancing, which is good. But also has Raven feeling a whole new level of embarrassment over her gaffe. Because nothing says friendship like kink-shaming their friends over their assumed need for semi public sex! Disney!

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