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Is Amber Heard on the way out of 'Aquaman 2'. See why other movies should stop hiring her.

Is Amber Heard toxic? Here’s why you maybe shouldn’t watch her movies

There has recently been a casting shakeup for the production of Aquaman 2. Emilia wClarke is rumored to be replacing Amber Heard in the role of Mera. Clarke & Aquaman star Jason Momoa appeared alongside each other in season one of Game of Thrones. All of this comes in the midst of a scandal involving Amber Heard & her ex-husband Johnny Depp. 

Those familiar with movies featuring Amber Heard may not know about the abuse case with Johnny Depp. Rumors spread after Heard accused Depp of physical abuse. Depp claims that these allegations caused him to miss out on roles in movies. However, a major twist in the case has been recently revealed by Amber Heard herself.

Johnny Depp & Amber Heard’s feud 

The quarreling between Amber Heard & Johnny Depp has taken a new turn. Heard recently admitted to threatening Depp with abuse & having violent outbursts. In a situation where people originally thought Depp was the abuser, it turns out he may in fact be the victim. 

Fans have responded with around 440,000 signatures on a petition to get Heard removed from any future Aquaman movies. Johnny Depp hit The Sun with a libel lawsuit because the tabloid printed stories suggesting he abused Amber Heard. A judge in the U.K. stood by the paper based on Heard’s testimony.

A Virginia judge recently shut down an attempt by Heard’s legal team to dismiss Depp’s defamation lawsuit. Heard’s lawyers attempted to use the ruling in the U.K. libel case as evidence that Depp’s accusations had no merit. The defamation case in Virginia is a result of an op-ed published in The Washington Post.

Amber Heard used the article to claim that she survived domestic violence while married to Depp. This defamation case will not be pushed up to the Supreme Court of Virginia & will begin in May 2022. The U.K. libel suit doesn’t have any bearing on The Washington Post op-ed case. However, Heard’s attorneys will surely milk the former ruling as much as they can.

Will Amber Heard be in Aquaman 2?

Johnny Depp was removed from the Fantastic Beasts franchise by Warner Brothers. This was in the wake of the libel suit against The Sun. Depp recently spoke at the San Sebastián Film Festival, saying that he was a victim of “cancel culture.” He said, “It’s a very complex situation, this cancel-culture, or this instant rush to judgment based on essentially what amounts to polluted air.”

While Depp has apparently suffered from his involvement in the legal battle, it appears Amber Heard may too. Despite fans calling for her removal, Warner Brothers seemingly hasn’t fired Heard from Aquaman 2. Production stills have been released of Heard sporting Mera’s signature red hair. Heard is set to appear with Momoa & Patrick Wilson in the sequel.

Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom is one of the most highly-anticipated DC movies in years. It’s set for release in December 2022. It seems that the Emilia Clarke news may have just been a rumor, as Amber Heard posted behind-the-scenes photos of herself on Instagram. 

Yet with nearly half a million fans wanting her out of the franchise, it’ll be interesting to see how Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom fares at the box office.

What other movies is Amber Heard in?

For those wondering what movies feature Amber Heard, here’s a quick rundown of her filmography. She was paired with Seth Rogen in Pineapple Express in 2008. The next year, Heard appeared in Zombieland with Jesse Eisenberg & Emma Stone. Strangely enough, Heard starred with Johnny Depp in the 2011 film The Rum Diary.

It will be interesting to see if Amber Heard gets cast in more movies with a major legal battle surrounding her.

Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom seems to be moving forward with Amber Heard on the team. What do you think of the Amber Heard & Johnny Depp case? Let us know in the comments.

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  • The amount of signatures signed to remove Amber from Aquaman 2 is just under 1.87 millions not half a million. And there are evidence that she’d been lying numerous times such as donations, physical injuries that didn’t have medical reports to prove but her words and pictures that bruises actually disappeared the day after filling for restraining order. Also pictures of her bare skin to show there is no sign of any injuries that she claims and plenty more evidences you can find on Fairfax doc. This woman is bad news

    October 29, 2021
  • If I was Jason, I’d be telling the producers I wouldn’t work with her, not because I think she is guilty but becasue the question marks around this stuff will affect his project. Until this is all done with Heard, and Depp, should step away from all of their projects so that their colleagues income/ successes are not affected.

    April 24, 2022

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