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How long can a superstar go being homeless? Let's follow Jason Momoa's post-divorce journey.

What’s Jason Momoa’s net worth after divorce made him homeless?

Hollywood’s very own Jason Momoa is redefining what it means to have a home in Tinseltown. Recently, the Aquaman star set the record straight about his unique living situation, announcing to the world: “I’m just houseless. I’m not homeless.” But what does that mean for one of the industry’s most recognizable faces? With a net worth of $40 million, is it a net worth high enough to keep him on his lavish feet? Let’s see.

Life After Khal Drogo

Since his explosive breakout as Khal Drogo in Game of Thrones, Momoa’s career trajectory has been nothing short of meteoric. With a string of high-profile roles in Justice League, Aquaman, Dune, and the upcoming Aquaman And The Lost Kingdom, it’s no wonder the Honolulu native is constantly on the move. “Going from movie to movie,” as he puts it, doesn’t leave much time for putting down roots.

Momoa’s approach to life is refreshingly unconventional. Despite his A-list status, he hasn’t yet invested in a permanent residence. Instead, he opts for a lifestyle that suits his non-stop schedule. “I have a nice trailer,” he told PEOPLE, debunking the myth of a homeless Hollywood star. His living situation reflects a broader trend among celebrities who prioritize flexibility and freedom over traditional homeownership.

New Beginnings Post-Divorce

The backdrop to Momoa’s unconventional living arrangement is his recent divorce from Lisa Bonet. The couple, who tied the knot in 2017 and share two children, finalized their separation earlier this month. Momoa’s houseless status, however, is less about the breakup and more about his whirlwind career.

Momoa and Bonet’s split, while amicable, marks a new chapter for both. They’ve agreed to joint physical and legal custody of their children, emphasizing co-parenting over conflict. The settlement, which includes shared living expenses for the kids and no child support obligations, reflects their commitment to family despite personal changes.

Looking to the future, Momoa’s schedule is as packed as ever. His upcoming roles in Chief Of War and In The Hand Of Dante, along with his reality series On The Roam, keep him on his toes. This busy slate, however, doesn’t deter him from dreaming of eventually buying a home. “I’ve never bought a house yet, so I’m excited to one day,” he shared.

Journey of Discovery

On The Roam is more than just a show for Momoa; it’s a passion project. The series, premiering on Max, takes viewers on a journey across America, showcasing artisans and craftspeople far removed from the Hollywood glitz. It’s a project close to Momoa’s heart, combining his love for travel, artistry, and charity.

In On The Roam, expect to see Momoa cruising on his motorcycles and hotrods, diving deep into the world of unique crafts and art. The show is a testament to his adventurous spirit and deep respect for artisanal skills, highlighting the creative process behind the scenes of his films and TV shows.

But Momoa’s endeavors are not just about entertainment. He’s committed to using his platform for good, aiming to support charities through his work. “Creating something and passing it on to charity,” as he puts it, is a core part of his mission. Momoa’s journey with On The Roam is as much about giving back as it is about exploration.

Baywatch to Blockbusters

Momoa’s resume is a testament to his diverse talents. From his early days in Baywatch: Hawaii to leading roles in Stargate Atlantis and Conan The Barbarian, he has consistently proven his ability to captivate audiences. His nomadic lifestyle, far from hindering his career, seems to have fueled it.

Momoa’s story is more than just another celebrity tale. It’s a narrative about freedom, flexibility, and finding a balance between a bustling career and personal fulfillment. In an industry where image and stability are often prized, Momoa’s choice to remain ‘houseless’ is a refreshing departure from the norm.

As Jason Momoa continues to roam, both on-screen and off, one can’t help but wonder: is his approach to living a sign of a broader shift in celebrity culture? Are we witnessing the rise of a new, more nomadic Hollywood lifestyle?

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