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How much pocket change is left for Jason Momoa after divorcing Lisa Bonet? Let's take a look.

At the height of fame: Is Jason Momoa’s net worth at it’s peak?

Could there be a more fitting host for Discovery Channel’s Shark Week than the very embodiment of marine charisma, none other than Aquaman himself, Jason Momoa? You bet your snorkel there couldn’t! At the height of fame, does the actual height of Jason Momoa play a role into why he was chosen for this season? Or is it the height of pop culture delirium? Let’s take a look!

High Seas

Hollywood might have crowned him as the aquatic deity, but Momoa’s heart was always lost to the ocean long before his acting career took off. Now, he’s submerging back into his first love, the marine world, with an unquenchable passion for all things shark-related.

Expressing his excitement, Momoa announced his hosting gig for the much-awaited shark-centric event of the year, cheekily describing it as a “no brainer.” He’ll be our guide throughout the week, popping in and out of nearly twenty new hours of shark-filled programming, beginning Sunday.

The captivating offerings will take us on a journey to see some of the most elusive sharks off the South African coast, unravel the mysteries of deadly shark attacks near Egypt’s luxurious Red Sea beaches, and delve into some unexpected behaviors in Florida’s shark populations.

Our journey begins with an adventurous twist inspired by Jackass. In Belly of the Beast: Feeding Frenzy, our brave researchers take on the daunting task of recreating a great white shark feeding frenzy, with a life-sized decoy of a dead whale carcass.

Pop culture science

Inside the mock whale carcass, amidst two hundred pounds of chum and fifty gallons of blood, veteran Shark Week biologist Dr. Austin Gallagher and his camera crew stationed themselves, aiming to lure a multitude of sharks into a feeding frenzy. If you think that’s audacious, wait till they try it under the cloak of darkness.

The excitement doesn’t stop there. Cocaine Sharks, set to premiere Wednesday, delves into an intriguing question: do bricks of cocaine discarded by drug smugglers impact shark behavior? Lead scientist Tom Hird and his team are on a quest to find the unusual and extraordinary.

They observe a group of lemon sharks reacting rather extraordinarily to floating bales of faux cocaine. They also explore how fish powder simulates the dopamine response similar to the effects of cocaine on these marine dwellers.

Diving Deeper into the Marine World

Alien Sharks embarks on a journey to discover obscure species like the Jurassic Era’s broadnose sevengill, now coveted by orcas for their livers. Then, there’s the enchantingly named puffadder shyshark, which illuminates under UV light, and the white-spotted wedgefish, aptly named for its shovel-like appearance.

“For me, what´s so wonderful about alien sharks and this program is the opportunity to showcase the little guy,” said biologist Forrest Galante, known for his impulsive displays of affection towards these unique creatures.

The programs aim to uncover potential changes in shark behavior due to climate change or overfishing, such as their appearance in unfamiliar waters. With conservation efforts leading to a rise in their numbers, the possibility of increased human-shark interactions becomes more likely.

The dream

Our host, Momoa, is no stranger to this world. He studied marine and wildlife biology in college and filmed his Shark Week segments in New Zealand while working on his upcoming Apple TV+ series Chief of War.

Shark Week, starting as a response to the fear generated by Jaws, has evolved into a platform for scientists eager to protect these ancient creatures. Momoa encourages viewers to reframe their perception of sharks, urging for harmonious cohabitation, much like the Tahitian view of these magnificent creatures as “guardians.”

So, with such a deep dive into the intriguing world of sharks lined up, the question is: are you ready to take the plunge and experience the thrill of Discovery Channel’s Shark Week?

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