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Beam aboard "Star Trek: Discovery", the stellar spinoff mesmerizing die-hard Trekkies and casual sci-fi fans alike! Discover why it's boldly pioneering beyond the final frontier of popularity.

Momoa encourages viewers to reframe their perception of sharks, urging for harmonious cohabitation. Dive into Shark Week now!

A lot of the notable names involved in the shows in Discovery Channel’s schedule are also involved in crime. Here's everything you need to know.

The best true-crime podcast doesn't always have to be bloody & mysterious to captivate audiences. Investigate the simply fraudulent with these podcasts!

WarnerMedia has officially bought Discovery, a potential game-changer when it comes to today's streaming wars. Could HBO Max and Discovery+ possibly unite?

Discovery+ has ordered a new docuseries on Ghislaine Maxwell. Grab your remotes and dive into the new project from 'Filthy Rich' producer James Patterson.

After announcing their retirement last month, Daft Punk is in the news again. Discover if they for got to pay an artist they sampled from right here.

This morning, Daft Punk announced they were calling it quits. Delve into the dance duo's legacy "One More Time".